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Vikings Gone Wild Tips: Attacking and Defense Strategies

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Vikings Gone Wild lets you attack your enemy’s base with your army. Reading these Vikings Gone Wild tips teaches you how to attack your enemies effectively and leave the game peacefully because your kingdom will be protected.

I will divide these guides and tips into two parts: the first is about how to attack your enemy’s kingdom, and the second is about building a great defence to protect your resources.

Vikings Gone Wild Attacking Tips and Tricks

Attacking and destroying enemy kingdoms is one of the best ways to get large amounts of gold and beer in Vikings Gone Wild. Using this technique, you can also get gold and beer very quickly, provided you need to know which troops to build and how to use them.

Here, I’ll tell you the tips that I think are the most effective for attacking the enemy realm, with the least amount of time and beer to get as much Gold and Beer as possible.

You should also remember that if you enjoy attacking enemies and winning frequently, you should be able to make your kingdom’s defence as strong as possible. Because the more you win, the more crowns you will get, which will invite many enemies to attack your kingdom.

1. Prioritize Elf Archer

This is the kind of troop I like the most; besides being very cheap, this troop type also has a ranged attack type, which I think is very effective in stealing enemy treasures.

Try filling the entire ship with Elf Archer. You can fit many elven archers into a single ship because its capacity only takes up one place.

2. Find the Right Enemy

The types of enemies that best suit Elf Archer are the enemies who place three-quarters of the fortifications and their golden and ale buildings on the edge of the kingdom.

Never try to attack an enemy who has set up all of his strongholds in the kingdom’s centre. Also, pay attention to the treasure; look for the enemies with gold and beer in the amount you need.

3. Your First Goal

The purpose of choosing an enemy that has a fortress on the edge of the kingdom is that your elf archer can directly attack the enemy fortress without attacking other buildings first.

If your enemy has four marginal fortresses, divide your troops into four groups, each of which attacks the enemy fortifications.

Perhaps there are several enemy fortifications located in the centre of the kingdom that you cannot destroy; this is not a big deal if you choose the right enemy, as I said above.

Because you should have gotten at least 80% enemy property, if you can’t, you don’t have to destroy the enemy’s town hall because your main goal is not to destroy the town hall but because you need the goods that the enemy owns.

Vikings Gone Wild Defense Tips and Tricks

Defence is the most important thing to have in Vikings Gone Wild. You can easily develop your kingdom with great defence without worrying about enemy attacks.

Here, I will give tips on building a real defence in the Vikings Gone Wild game.

1. Deployment of Fortifications

Placing fortifications is the most important thing you need to know. In my opinion, the most strategic placement is to place your forts in hard-to-reach places for enemy troops. For example, I placed my fortifications near the town hall, which was difficult for enemy troops to reach. Do not place your fortifications outside your kingdom, as this makes it easier for enemy troops to destroy your troops.

2. Protect the Gold and the Beer

The enemy’s most sought-after valuables are the gold and beer you own. If you can place the gold and beer-related buildings well, such as your gold and beer factory, gold, and beer container, your enemies will surely think again about attacking your kingdom, or maybe they will look for other enemies.

Try to place them in places that are reachable from your forts.

3. Fortress Defence Improvements

It is useless if the position of the fortifications is strategic, but the level is still low. Upgrade all your forts to at least level 3. If enemies have often attacked your kingdom, you should focus on upgrading your fortifications.

Prioritize upgrading the Chicken Tower and Cannon to a level you think is sufficient to protect your kingdom.

4. Do You Need to Place a Wall?

If I say that, it is not necessary, especially for those with little gold, because apart from the price of a wall that costs a lot for a single piece, the walls you have cannot necessarily defend your kingdom.

Unless you have excess gold that you can use to upgrade your walls to a high enough level. Because your walls will only be useful if the level is high enough.

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