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Tofu Survivor: Fight Now Tier List (Best Heroes)

Discover the definitive Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list guide highlighting your epic quest’s greatest heroes. Find the secrets to constructing the best skill and best character in the game.

Tofu Survivor: Fight Now is an Adventure Roguelike mobile game. Because this is a mobile game, Tofu Survivor: Fight Now has a lot of elements that let you upgrade your game account. Starting from your character, equipment, skill set, etc.

The best tips to win this game is to use the best heroes. It will drastically change you play the game. So in this Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list, I will rank all the available heroes in this game into a separate ranking tier.

Tofu Survivor: Fight Now Tier List

Unlike the other tier list I’ve already created on this blog, in Tofu Survivor: FIght Now tier list, the list might be shorter because of the limited number of playable characters.

All characters have their own rarities. The default character you use when you start Tofu Survivor is the only green character, meaning she’s the most basic in the game. The rarest one is the characters with the gold border.

In this Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list, I will rank them into five categories; SS tier is the strongest one that you can use on every content of the game, to the C tier that you need to replace as soon as possible.

The table below shows the tier list for Tofu Survivor: Fight Now:




Active Skill



Machine Gun

Initiating Burst Shooting towards the sector in front, inflicting poisoned



Frost Killer

Jump and hack forward to generate three large whirlwinds of sword light


Twin Blade

Blade of Souls

Fire six boomerangs around simultaniously



Grenade Launcher

Firing 8 guided missiles, inflicting Frozen




Bombarding targets nearby, inflicting Weakened




Restoring 20% HP for allies nearby, increasing DEF by 100% and ATK SPD by 50% (15 seconds)




Successive shooting, inflicting Burnt




Dealing a large ranged explosion damage, inflicting Knock Back

Tofu Survivor: Fight Now Tier List Explanation

This is the explanation of each tier ranking of Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list:

  • Tier SS: As the curtain rises on the world of Idle RPG, the characters in the SS tier rise to the occasion as the paragons of strength and impact. Nestled within the realm of Tofu Survivor, their extraordinary defensive and offensive abilities elevate your gaming experience to a realm of unrivaled heights.
  • Tier S: Standing in the spotlight closely behind, the S tier characters take center stage in the Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list. These exceptional heroes wield unique skills that distinguish them from the rest of the cast. Often gracing your presence during rerolls, adding them to your squad is a stroke of serendipity.
  • Tier A: Unveiling the dynamic of synergy, the characters in Tier A play an essential role in fortifying your squad’s foundation. This strategic alliance comes into its own as it bridges the gap between higher-tier characters, offering indispensable support.
  • Tier B: Within Tier B, characters reside who may appear to stand in the shadows of their higher-tier counterparts. Yet, don’t underestimate their value. In the evolving tapestry of Tofu Survivor, they find their niche and become invaluable assets, growing more potent with each passing day of gameplay.
  • Tier C: As we reach the final act, Tier C unfurls, housing characters of modest strength within the Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier list. These characters serve as placeholders in your journey towards greatness. Swiftly replaced by mightier warriors, their fleeting presence reminds us that investing in them is but a temporary measure, easily overshadowed by their more formidable peers.


The Tier List is purely subjective. Different Tofu Survivor: Fight Now tier lists will result in different tiering levels. On one list, a hero may be ranked higher than on another. However, this is understandable given the difficulty of choosing a META for a game as fresh as Tofu Survivor: Fight Now. Until the game gets older, there is no such thing as a true tier list.

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