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Tap Titans 2 Guide: Best 4 Pets for All Contents

Tap Titans 2 includes a pet system to help you clear any stage faster and simpler. Pet is a hovering bird-like creature with the capacity to attack Titan and grant you boosts. In this Tap Titans 2 guide, I’ll go through pets in greater detail.

After Artifacts, Pets are the second most essential asset that can provide you with a lot of benefit. Using pets appropriately will make your path to become the Titan Slayer much easier.

The issue with pets in Tap Titans 2 is that earning and upgrading them is difficult and time-consuming. It’s true if they’re useful, but after you’ve spent a lot of money on the incorrect pet, you’ve wasted your money and time

Every pet in Tap Titans 2 has a unique ability that distinguishes them from one another. There are at least 30 different pets you can use to accompany your Sword Master.

So, which one did you have to employ? In this Tap Titans 2 pets guide, we’ll discover out.

Tap Titans 2 Best Pets

These four pets that I’ll show you are the type of pets that you shouldn’t be frightened to upgrade.

In Tap Titans 2, you can use these pets in practically any team build condition. Let’s assume you’re building a mage hero team right now, but if you have legendary sword equipment that boosts your warrior hero’s damage in the future, you can stick with them with these pets.

Remember that because they have the universal ability, you must give up your scaling in the late game.

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If a pet has a growing All Gold skill, the number you acquire in the late game will be lower than, say, Boss Gold. But don’t worry, this is intended to occur in order to balance the game.

Bubbles, and Polly

Bubbles, and Polly can amplify All Gold. Meaning all the sources of your gold will get buffed by their ability.

As you already know, gold is one of the most important free resources in Tap Titans 2. Collecting them faster will definitely make your progress faster.

Nova, and Demos

They have the same ability to increase All Damage.

Along with time, you will get a lot of different artifacts and equipment. All of them have their own purpose.

If you invest your pet only on Nova or Demos, you don’t really need to worry about th

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