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Tap Titans 2 Beginner Guide: 11 Tips for New Player

Tap Titans 2 is the first mobile game in the tap genre. To clear any problems, you simply tap and swipe, as the name suggests. However, in order to go forward more quickly, you must first determine what your top priority is. In this Tap Titans 2 beginner tutorial, I will give the top 12 methods for advancing faster.

Tap Titans 2 was launched by Game Hive Corporation a few years ago, in December 2016. Isn’t it quite old? However, many people continue to play this smartphone game. Many are simply attempting.

The key to comprehending this tutorial is to know what Tap Titans 2’s first is. The basic goal of this mobile game is to defeat any titans you encounter at various stages. Tap Titans 2 provides numerous features to assist you in doing so, such as enhancing your Tap Damage, providing support such as Hero and Pet, Artifacts, Prestige, and so on.

Tap Titans 2’s basic and yet effective guide is to upgrade all of them. The issue is that it is inefficient. You must put in the effort; even clearing level 500 takes a few days.

So let’s start this Tap Titans 2 beginner guide with the first tips.

1. Master the Art of Tap Damage Dominance

In the early stages of your journey through the captivating realm of Tap Titans 2, harnessing the formidable power of Tap Damage becomes your primary strategy for triumphing over all manner of titanic adversaries. Remarkably, you won’t even need to acquire a single Hero. Yes, you read that correctly – Heroes are not a necessity at this point. This marks the cornerstone of my counsel to you.

Channel your gold resources exclusively into amplifying your Tap Damage or elevating your Sword Master’s prowess. By consistently doing so, you’ll experience a series of remarkable enhancements over time. Strive for the multiplier boosts that manifest every twenty levels.

Naturally, this entails delving into the intricacies of your Artifact selection. Notably, there exists an Artifact named Drunken Hammer, which, when acquired, warrants upgrading to a minimum of level 15.

“But won’t this playstyle prove to be laborious?” you might wonder. Indeed, the relentless tapping in a game like Tap Titans 2 can be taxing. However, there’s a secret to achieving the swiftest tapping velocity by effortlessly swiping your touch screen. Without further ado, let’s venture into the next phase of wisdom.

2. Unveiling the Abundant Freemium Enchantment of Tap Titans 2

Within the realm of Tap Titans 2, a realm rich with possibilities, lies the chance to unlock premium features without any financial commitment, effectively turning these bonuses into a freemium delight.

This is how you can attain this feat: within the Sword Master menu, navigate downward until you encounter Mega Boost and Power Swiping.

Mega Boost, for instance, bestows you with up to a staggering x25 damage for a period of four hours. This infusion of power is invaluable during the nascent stages. It’s advisable to seize this opportunity, even if it means viewing a promotional video.

Power Swiping, on the other hand, grants you the ability to replace tapping with swiping, propelling you to unparalleled speeds for a duration of twelve hours. Astonishingly, no external input is required for the initial activation – it’s completely free.

Both of these bonuses serve as formidable enhancements to elevate your Tap Titans 2 journey.

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3. Conquer All the Challenges Beckoning in Tap Titans 2

Similar to any RPG odyssey, Tap Titans 2 furnishes players with a cornucopia of achievements, each a stepping stone towards rapid growth. Beyond material rewards, these achievements bestow valuable insights into the game’s core mechanics.

Almost invariably, these achievements present you with a treasury of Diamonds, a versatile currency to fuel various endeavors – from acquiring Pets to unlocking premium chests, or even unveiling hidden artifacts.

While each achievement carries its own significance, let me divulge the most pivotal one in the ensuing sections of this Tap Titans 2 expedition.

4. Gems of Wisdom: Investing Diamonds in Companions

In the intricate tapestry of Tap Titans 2, Pets emerge as the second most influential allies for the Sword Master, second only to Heroes. What sets Pets apart is their universal aptitude, enhancing Tap DMG, Hero Damage, and even Gold yield.

It’s noteworthy that every Pet within Tap Titans 2 dons the visage of a bird while bearing unique names, abilities, and appearances. Prudence dictates meticulous consideration before procuring your inaugural Pet, given the finite nature of Diamonds at your disposal.

Here’s a nugget of advice: align your Pet acquisition strategy with your Artifact and item holdings. Acquiring both artifacts and items often involves a touch of randomness, whereas the choice of Pets remains within your purview.

In my own journey, I embraced Harker as my companion, a fitting extension of my Magic Hero. Serendipitously, I chanced upon a Legendary item amplifying Magic Hero DMG, and Harker further amplifies this augmentation.

Should the circumstances differ, exercise patience until Bubbles graces the shop – an omnipotent Pet endowing you with universal Gold augmentation.

5. Orchestrating the Heroic Symphony: Strategic Hero Upgrades in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 unfolds an expansive cast of heroes, each accompanied by unique animations and varying price tags. Navigating this ensemble can indeed prove perplexing, but fear not, for I’m poised to unravel strategic insights to guide your choices.

Firstly, I advocate for dedicating resources solely to Heroes imbued with buffs. For instance, my predilection for augmenting Magic Hero DMG steers me exclusively towards the Mage class.

Secondly, prioritize Heroes with loftier price tags. The potency of less expensive Heroes pales in comparison to their pricier counterparts, yet don’t disregard the former. Upgrading these heroes unlocks invaluable skill bonuses.

6. The Prestige Paradox: Knowing When to Ascend in Tap Titans 2

In my inaugural guide, the clarion call to prioritize Tap DMG over Heroes resonated. One compelling rationale underscores this preference: the remarkable benefits conferred by Prestige.

Allow me to unveil the optimal timing and methodology for Prestige within Tap Titans 2. Commence by reaching stage 200 to claim your Skill Point. Subsequently, activate the Spam Mode by engaging the first Prestige button. This initiates your ascent from level 121, and once stage 128 is attained, undertake your second Prestige. During this phase, swift Prestige cycles are paramount while capitalizing on the New Player bonus.

Prestige’s paramount importance lies in its potential to acquire new artifacts or enhance extant ones. Achieving this swiftness mandates intensifying your Tap DMG, a feat easily accomplished within minutes by adhering to the tenets of this Tap Titans 2 guide.

This undertaking bestows the privilege of amassing Relics in abundance, constrained solely by your temporal and mental reserves.

Once the monotony of recurrent endeavors sets in, let’s embark upon the subsequent echelons of Tap Titans 2 mastery.

7. Forging Destiny: Prudent Artifact Prioritization in Early Game

Within the expansive realm of Tap Titans 2, an array of artifacts beckons, their numbers rivaling even the avian Pet companions. Optimal progress hinges upon laser-focused artifact upgrades, a strategy that outshines the shotgun approach of indiscriminate enhancements.

Should the siren call of direction elude you, prioritize artifacts harmonizing with your possessions, both item and Pet. Embarking on this strategic journey, the rewards gleaned shall eclipse those from haphazard investments.

When uncertainty persists, channel your Relics towards artifacts nurturing Tap DMG, bolstering All Heroes DMG, and enhancing Gold accumulation.

Alternatively, a tactical application of Relics can herald the acquisition of fresh artifacts, with aspirations of uncovering the illustrious Book of Shadows – an artifact wielding the power to augment Relic yield.

8. Unveiling the Arcane: Selective Spellcasting Mastery

Delving into the mystical arsenal of Tap Titans 2 spells, one spell emerges as the quintessential choice for the early stages – Hand of Midas. This spell unfurls a cornucopia of gold blessings, an asset propelling you through the initial and mid-game phases. This spell’s potency shines especially in the absence of a dedicated Sword Master Artifact.

Simultaneously, the spellcaster within you craves a solution for surmounting Titan adversaries. To this end, the celestial dance of choice lies between Heavenly Strike for those dedicated to Tap Damage and War Cry for the proponents of Heroes DMG.

Heavenly Strike, although the spell’s maiden offering, possesses remarkable efficacy. This spell represents a dependable avenue to vanquish titanic obstructions obstructing your path.

Conversely, War Cry imparts a fleeting surge to All Heroes DMG, holding particular appeal for those whose Heroes arsenal bears the weight of substantial investment. A symbiotic alignment with mighty Heroes, an investment in War Cry beckons.

9. The Skillful Tapestry: Skill Tree Navigation for Beginners

In the symphony of skills within Tap Titans 2, neophytes would be well-advised to direct their gaze towards the Knight Skill Tree. Emanating from this tree, the crown jewel of Will of Midas heralds amplified gold bonuses through interactions with Fairies. This transcends mere percentages, unfolding into a symphony of gold multiplication.

For those charting a path towards mightier blows, the Warlord Skill Tree beckons as an alluring choice. Heroes’ collective might burgeons under its ministrations, an ascent directly proportional to your wielding of artifacts and equipment bolstering this avenue of expertise.

A lesser-trodden path lies in the Summoner domain, inviting the augmentation of Pet potency. However, as a seasoned guide, I remain circumspect, cautioning that Pet prowess has yet to rival the thunderous cadence of Heroes’ DMG.

10. Fairies’ Enchantment: Ethereal Allies of Profusion

Tap Titans 2 unveils the ethereal grace of Fairies, emissaries of fortune entrusted with conveying rewards to dedicated players. Embracing the ethos of graciousness, tapping these ethereal messengers unveils the treasure they bestow.

Yet, behold, for the ethereal veil sometimes conceals a promotional choreography. This rendition invites a choice – to view or not to view. Personally, my scrutiny reserves are most forthcoming when monumental boons, such as Diamonds or ephemeral 90% discounts, shimmer within the offering. Yet, in leaner times, even the humblest reward finds a welcome abode in my embrace – a gesture of reciprocity in my traverse through the tapestry of a cost-free mobile adventure.

Moreover, the fabled Mama Fairy graces this universe, her touch bequeathing a wondrous Perk, an offering spanning a full day of temporal blessings.

11. Harvesting the Enchanted Arsenal: Quest for Equipments

Gaze upon the icon emblazoned with the golden hue of a “Yellow Shirt,” a portal to the treasure trove of Equipments within Tap Titans 2. Five categories unfurl: Weapon, Hat, Shirt, Aura, and Weapon Aura.

This sacred ground is no idle repository – tapping into the armory yields a diverse array of Equipment, each acquisition veiled in the mystique of randomness. Yet, as the gods of RNG wax benevolent, Rare and even Legendary Equipments may grace your collection.

An arcane secret unveils itself in rapid tapping upon the armory mound – swifter engagement begets hastened arrival of the subsequent trove, as the queue hastens to replenish itself.

12. Confluence of Warriors: Harnessing the Power of Clans

Amidst the ceaseless rhythm of advancement, the inevitability of ennui beckons. The remedy lies within the embrace of a Clan, an assembly of like-minded Tap Titans 2 explorers. These united endeavors serve as a balm against monotony, injecting camaraderie into the solitary odyssey.

With gaze turned to the top-left, the emblem of the “Shield” signals the gateway to the realm of Clans. In your search, seek a Clan harmonizing with your pursuits, and should the offerings fail to resonate, a mere tap on Refresh unveils a fresh array.

A thriving Clan, boasting no fewer than twenty members, holds the promise of vibrant engagement. These larger collectives bear the mantle of an active haven, fostering an environment where camaraderie thrives.

Venturing further, you may explore the realm of Solo Raids, epic encounters with colossal Titans. Engaging these adversaries mandates precision – their anatomy bears vulnerability in various locations.

Upon vanquishing these behemoths, a sojourn to the Mail begets the sweet reward of Equipment, Raid EXP, or the very cards augmenting future raiding exploits.

In the grand tapestry of Tap Titans 2, this array of sagely counsel awaits the discerning adventurer. A union of strategic acumen and dedicated perseverance shall surely pave the path toward triumph in this enchanting realm.

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