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Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise Tier List (Best Costumes)

Step into the world of Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise, where you have the freedom to pick from a variety of striking costumes. Wondering which outfit suits each weapon best? Look no further! The Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list is here to provide you with all the information you need.

From fierce axe to powerful fan, this Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list will guide you toward the perfect costume for each weapon. Dress up your character in style and ensure they not only look the part but also maximize their potential in battle.

So, get ready to make a statement with your chosen costumes and unleash your true power in Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise. Whether you seek elegance, strength, or a bit of both, this TDS: Rise tier list will have you covered as you conquer the world of demon slaying!

So let’s begin with the main topic of this guide, the Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list. I will explain a little about the tier list first.

Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise Tier List




Engineer, Zhuge Liang


Devil Hunter, Black Knight, Falcon Knight, Dragon Slayer, The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal


Mad Clown, Golden Emperor, Guardian of the Fairies, The Legendary Rag


Pirates of the Caribbean, Green Beret, The Artagnan, Royal Tailcoat, Merchant of Arabie


Fighter of the North, A Fistful of Dollars, Agent of the Union, Elf Archer

Unlike other Idle RPG mobile games, which have many characters to choose from. In TDS: Rise, you only have one character. The only thing you can do if you feel bored looking at your MC is to change his costume.

But the perspective I use to make this Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list is from the META perspective. Not cosmetic. Because the costume in this game has their own rarity, starting from the S rarity to the SSS rarity.

Each costume represents their weapon. If you use the bow as your long range weapon, you can’t use costumes from the fan category because they are in the same class.

Tier SS

This tier contains the true costumes of Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise, marking the highest height of power on the Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list. Consider you are lucky if you manage to get one of them in the early game.

  • Engineer (Gatling)
  • Zhuge Liang (Fan)

Tier S

If you haven’t been able to obtain the top-tier SS-tier costumes from the Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list, don’t worry. S-tier costumes are still valuable assets to your gameplay.

  • Devil Hunter (Bow)
  • Black Knight (Spear)
  • Falcon Knight (Rapier)
  • Dragon Slayer (Rapier)
  • The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal (Spear)

Tier A

Tier A costumes appear regularly throughout the game and are relatively straightforward to get. While they may not be the best of the best on the tier list, these costumes are nevertheless valuable, especially for those just starting out in Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise.

  • Mad Clown (Fan)
  • Golden Emperor (Axe)
  • Guardian of the Fairies (Axe)
  • The Legendary Rag (Rapier)

Tier B

Tier B costumes have modest strength in the TDS: Rise tier list. They may not be at the top of the list, but they are definitely feasible possibilities for your gameplay. Use them only for the early game where you don’t have other better choices.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Rapier)
  • Green Beret (Gatling)
  • The Artagnan (Bow)
  • Royal Tailcoat (Fan)
  • Merchant of Arabie (Fan)

Tier C

At this level, it’s best to avoid costumes classified in the C-tier. They are considered the weakest costumes on the Tailed Demon Slayer: Rise tier list and frequently have serious balance difficulties. Using them would almost certainly result in substandard performance in numerous game types.

  • Fighter of the North (Axe)
  • A Fistful of Dollars (Gatling)
  • Agent of the Union (Spear)
  • Elf Archer (Bow)

Tailed Demons Slayer: Rise Best Costume for Each Weapon

As I mentioned, different weapons have different costumes, so I will try to find the best costume for each weapon. Starting with the short-range weapon first.

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tailed demon slayer rise tier list falcon knight

Falcon Knight is the best costume in Rapier’s class. Falcon Knight has a big burst damage to instant kill mobs. Even if you fight a boss, this costume can deal serious damage.


In this patch, Axe only has three costumes. And Golden Emperor takes the top spot among them. But I am still not impressed by how its performance in this Tailed Demon Slayer tier list; its damage is mediocre, and its stun ability is not useful if you can use another weapon to defeat them in the first place.


tailed demon slayer rise tier list engineer

In many games, a weapon with a laser on its skill means it can deal super burst damage. In this TDS Rise tier list, Engineer deserves its name. This is the best costume to fight a high HP enemy.


For me, Black Knight is the looking costume design in this game. And in terms of power, Black Knight is a good choice because of its AoE ability. But I still prefer Laser Field for the medium-range category.


Devil Hunter is a great choice for longer fights. This costume allows you to spam 50 burning homing arrows to any enemies. This weapon is good in the game where you can move your character to dodge incoming attacks.


tailed demon slayer rise tier list zhuge liang

Zhuge Liang is the newest costume when I write this Tailed Demon Slayer tier list. Zhuge Liang has a crowd control attack that can pull enemies into itself. But that’s not the only good thing about this costume; it can also deal great damage per second.

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