Samedi Manor Viking Event Tips

Samedi Manor Viking Event Tips: 3 Reasons to Play

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator has a temporary event called Viking that you should try. In this Samedi Manor guide and tips, I will give you 3 reasons why you better play this event.

Samedi Manot Idle Simulator has 2 worlds you can switch between; the first world that contains your original progress and the second world with the Viking event.

So, let’s start with the first reason.

How to Play Viking Event in Samedi Manor?

You need to level your account to a minimum of level 8 before you can unlock this feature.

After that, you just need to press the Event button at the right-bottom of your main menu. You will be transferred to another world with everything get back to level 1.

Once you unlock the map, you just need to play the game like you always do. Climb the level to unlock the prize or even become the top leaderboard.

1. Different Rewards for Your Main World

One thing that gamers love is the big rewards for their mobile game account. And fortunately, Samedi Manor offers you this in this Viking event.

Basically, in the 2 worlds that I’ve mentioned before, your progress, like manager and level, will be reset. It’s like you have a totally different account in this second world of Viking event.

But you don’t have to worry about it because some rewards like Marigold and Coin will be transferred to your main world.

2. Progressing Will Be Much Easier

Starting from zero is a tiring process. Everyone understands that, including me. But your progress will be much faster in this Samedi Manor Idle Simulator Viking event.

Climbing the stages can be done early. And the thing that I like the most is getting a purple manager is easier than ever.

3. Refreshing

Late-game players might feel tired, but deep down, they still want to play. So what’s the solution? Creating an entirely new map.

Besides that, Samedi Manor differentiates skin building based on the map you played. And in this Viking Event, I found new maps I’d never seen before.

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