samedi manor idle simulator guides and tips

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator Guides, Tips & Tricks

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator guides, cheats, tips, and tricks can help you progress faster. Building your haunted manor will be much easier with these Samedi Manor guides and tips I will show you.

Samedi Manor is an idle mobile game published by MYRIDLE SOFTWARE LIMITED. Like any other idle game, you need to upgrade what you think is important. This mobile game has many buildings to choose from.

Choosing what to upgrade first is the question here. And I will tell you in a matter of seconds.

Let’s start with these Samedi Manor Idle Simulator guides, strategies, cheats, and tips by first understanding this game’s basics.

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator Basic Mechanics

Let me be honest; I got confused in the first minutes I played this game. Why? Because Samedi Manor is a little bit different than any other idle game. This game is more complex than I imagine.

There is a system that you need to understand first before you can even get a single penny.

In Samedi Manor, you will see your main building, Manor or Estate. This is where your money comes from. Estate will acquire all the resources from your child buildings, like Lighthouse, Tower, Churchyard, etc. And when the resource requirement is complete, Estate will pay the money to those child buildings, including you.

All buildings have managers. Getting and upgrading them will multiply your money, permanently, even if you move to the next manor.

Those are how the money system work in this mobile game.

Samedi Manor Guides, Strategies, Cheats, Tips and Tricks

After knowing how this game works, let’s continue to our main topic, which is the beginner guide and tips for Samedi Manor Idle Simulator.

The list I put down below is not in a specific order. Meaning that you can follow these guides and tips randomly.

1. Balance Your Estate with Other Buildings

samedi manor guides

As I said, Estate is your main building in this mobile game. Balancing the level between them is very important because it will affect your cash flow.

Let’s say that your Estate can gather up to 100,000 Cash. The maximum resources your buildings can get are only 5,000 resources. It means that before your Estate can pay or transfer the money, you will face a lack of cash because the 100,000 Cash requirement is too high.

But if your Estate is too low, your resource building will get stuck. Because why do they even need to sell their product if the buyer can’t buy?

2. Complete Your Task First

To unlock a new location or progress to the next level, you must complete the task they’ve given you. In this Samedi Manor Idle Simulator patch 1.13.7, you must complete 10 tasks.

Completing tasks is easy. These tasks revolve around upgrading a specific or multi-building, upgrading managers, and collecting resources and cash.

The last 2 things are what you need to look for because they will need more time to complete.

3. Cash and Resources are Different to Help You

You will get cash if your resources building successfully sells its products to your Manor. And Manor will accumulate resources before transferring that money.

Meaning when you get resources, you will also get cash.

So if you are slightly surprised because Samedi Manor differs this system, you don’t need to be. It’s just a system to help you complete the task faster.

4. Boost Your Cash

Samedi Manor offers one of the best F2P ad systems in this idle game genre. The most worth-it ad in this game is the x8 cash and resources for 2 hours after watching them three times.

Whether you want to do it or not is up to you. But for me personally, it’s worth it for your early hours playing this game.

5. Managers Buff are Permanent

samedi manor strategies and cheats

You don’t need to save your Marigolds and consider upgrading your manager on the next map.

Whether you upgrade them right now or later, the buff is permanent. No matter how far you progress.

Managers in Samedi Manor Idle Simulator are divided into 2 types: manager and modifier. Each building can stack 1 manager and 2 modifiers. They can skyrocket your income, depending on their level.

Keep in mind that all managers and modifiers have the same multiple numbers. The only thing that differentiates them is where they belong. The more expensive building will result in a higher final number.

6. Higher Level Map Need Higher Level Manager.

The other reason I suggest you upgrade your manager soon is because once you unlock a higher-level map, you also need a higher-level manager in order to hire them.

But if you still prefer to save your Marigolds, these Samedi Manor strategies, guides, cheats, tips, and tricks won’t force you to.

After all, saving until you can upgrade a specific manager or modifier is also a good idea.

7. How to Get Marigold?

samedi manor tips

Marigold is one of the most important freemium currencies in the Samedi Manor Idle Simulator.

You need a lot of Marigolds to upgrade your manager and modifier, and later on, to upgrade your income multiple times.

The most effective yet easiest way to gain Marigold is by upgrading your buildings until they reach their limit. The second one is by opening a chest that you can get for free.

The other way is buying it with Coins, which is the premium way.

8. How to Get Coin for Free?

Coin is the premium currency in Samedi Manor. But there is still a way to get them for free. Even though it is hard, my best method is to unlock a silver chest that you can get for free once you unlock the next map.

The other thing you can do is wait until Samedi Manor offers you a special ad.

9. When to Move to the Next Level Manor Map?

As soon as possible.

I don’t even know why you need to wait. The main reason I create these Samedi Manor guides and tips is that you can progress faster and reach a higher level more easily.

So you can unlock more buildings and managers, then see how much money you can get by limiting the bonuses.

10. Play the Event

Samedi Manor Idle Simulator sometimes have an event. Playing this event will grant you a bonus like Coin and Marigold.

Or maybe it can be your other place to play when you get stuck because you’ve already finished the game content.


All the tips and tricks I showed you could be used to help you progress easier. But, all the guides come from an opinion; you can just play with how you like the most.

These Samedi Manor Idle Simulator guides, cheats, strategies, tips, and tricks are now finished. If you have other tips or disagree with what I’ve written about, feel free to put your comment down below.

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