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Rush Royale Guide: Robot Deck Build

Meet the Robot card, the META deck of Rush Royale that was released on 2021 that still relevant to this day. This card has quickly risen to prominence, establishing itself as a formidable force within the game. It stands tall as one of the most potent cards, reigning supreme in the upper echelons of the trophy hierarchy.

Formulating strategies to counter this relentless card can be daunting, as only a handful of decks can effectively thwart its power. If you’re fortunate enough to have unlocked this card, you’re in for a treat. Join us as we dissect some of the most formidable and powerful decks that make use of the Robot card.

Unveiling the Rush Royale Robot Card

The Robot card is a true legend within the ‘Technogenic Society’ faction. It targets the first foe along its path, and its potency grows with each tick of its ‘progress counter.’ Whenever it merges with another unit, this counter ascends by one. This progress counter extends its influence to all robots present on the battlefield, bestowing upon them a plethora of enhancements.

  • At Progress 1, robots gain the ability to launch devastating attacks.
  • Upon reaching Progress 5, robots acquire the power of area attacks.
  • Progress 10 sees robots enjoying a significant boost in attack speed.
  • Progress 15 grants robots an enticing damage bonus.
  • Once the progress reaches its zenith at 20, robots increase their chances of landing critical attacks significantly.

The Finest Robot Decks in Rush Royale

When navigating the dynamic realm of a Robot deck, the cardinal rule is to remain vigilant of the progress counter. Every merger empowers the card, but beware of hastiness, for over-merging might leave you bereft of the essential Robot firepower on the battlefield.

  1. Robot, Mime, Harlequin, Summoner, Stasis, and Gadget
  2. Robot, Summoner, Harlequin, Mime, Clock of Power, and Trickster

A keen observer will notice a crucial distinction between these two deck options, specifically the inclusion of either Stasis or Clock of Power. Stasis offers crowd control, significantly altering the course of battle, while Clock of Power amplifies damage output. Should you find yourself lacking these particular cards, don’t despair. Substitute Stasis with any other crowd control card, and Clock of Power can be replaced with an alternative buff card that suits your strategy.

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