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Royal Knight Tales Tier List (Best Heroes & Team)

Discover the ultimate guide to Royal Knight Tales with the comprehensive tier list that reveals the best heroes for your epic journey. Unveil the secrets to assembling your ideal team and conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

Royal Knight Tales is an exciting Idle RPG mobile game that lives up to its name. Embark on thrilling Royal Knight Tales to collect your favorite characters, each with their own unique abilities and charm. What’s more, the game offers AFK rewards, allowing you to gain valuable resources even when you’re not actively playing.

As any RPG gacha enthusiast knows, having the best characters and META team is crucial to clearing contents, especially in the competitive realm of PvP. With the Royal Knight Tales tier list as your trusty companion, you’ll be well-equipped to rise to the top and become a formidable force in Royal Knight Tales.

So, dive into the world of Royal Knight Tales armed with the tier list knowledge. Pull the heroes you need, build an unbeatable team, and claim victory in this thrilling Idle RPG game.

Royal Knight Tales Tier List

Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG has 3 different rarities. SR is the most common one that you can easily pull into the gacha menu. Meanwhile, this game has SSSR characters as the rarest one. Pulling them is hard because of how small their gacha rate is.

Since this game was released a few years ago and has many playable characters, I will only rank the SSSR heroes for this Royal Knight Tales tier list.

Royal Knight Tales tier list, just like any other tier list on this blog, will be divided into 5 classifications, starting with the SS tier as the strongest to the C tier as the weakest that you need to avoid on the mid-game of your journey in Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG.

In this table, you can view all the characters ranking in the Royal Knight Tales tier list.





































Royal Knight Tales Tier List Explanation

This is the explanation of each tier ranking in the Royal Knight Tales tier list:

  • Tier SS: In this Idle RPG game, the characters in the SS tier reign as the strongest and most impactful in the Royal Knight Tales tier list. Their remarkable defensive and offensive abilities elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Even just a few can make a significant difference in your battles.
  • Tier S: Following closely behind, the S tier characters possess unique skills that set them apart from the rest in the Royal Knight Tales tier list. You’ll often encounter them when rerolling the game, and having them on your squad is a fortunate stroke of luck. Their prowess will contribute greatly to your victories.
  • Tier A: While some characters in this tier may not be the most impressive, they play a crucial role in bolstering your squad. They complement higher-tier characters and offer support until you can summon even mightier heroes. Remember, they aren’t weak; they just serve a different purpose.
  • Tier B: Characters in this tier are considered slightly inferior to higher-tier ones but can become quite helpful after a few days of gameplay. As you grow accustomed to their abilities and strengths, they’ll prove to be valuable assets.
  • Tier C: The Tier C category holds the weakest characters in the Royal Knight Tales tier list. As soon as you acquire a better hero, it’s best to disregard them. Investing in them might not yield the desired battle power, so focus on upgrading your stronger allies instead.

Best Heroes in Royal Knight Tales

This is the list of the best heroes from the Royal Knight Tales tier list.

4. Morgana

royal knight tales tier list morgana

Morgana can turn your enemy into a sheep for 5 seconds. This skill also has a big number, with 350% damage from a magic attack. The other thing she can do, and also what makes her deserve the spot, is her ability to increase allies’ magic attack by 14.5% for 5 seconds.

3. Reindale

royal knight tales tier list reindale

Reindale is a rider hero with a summoning ability. Reindale is the best summoner in this game because she summons 2 Black Riders at the same time. Even though their HP is very low, their attack is what makes them scary. Especially if you have two of them. Clearing emails is not that hard when you have Reindale on your team.

2. Leon

royal knight tales tier list leon

Leon is the best offensive support for the physical team since he can buff allies attack by 24.5% for 5 seconds. If you can manage to time this skill properly, it can deliver serious damage to your enemies. Leon’s charging is also has a big-scale number, and it is an AoE attack.

1. Regalia

royal knight tales tier list regalia

Regalia is the number 1 spot in this Royal Knight Tales tier list, meaning Regalia is the best hero in Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG. Her first skill, Ice Dragon is an AoE attack with high scaling damage (322% of physical attack) that can put your enemies into a Freeze state for 5 seconds, the chance of this is 25%.

Also read:

Regalia can also boost your allies’ attack by 19.5% for 5 seconds, regardless of their type. Regalia truly deserves this spot.

Best Team in Royal Knight Tales

Since Regalia is the best hero in the game is a physical DPS character, you can build your team based on physical type heroes. You can try to use this team build line up as an example:

  • Regalia (Main DPS)
  • Leon (Offensive support)
  • Reindale (DPS)
  • Brittany (DPS)
  • Artemis (DPS & Tank)

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