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Project Diablo 2 (PD2) Guide: Rune Values & Prices

Project Diablo 2, or what people call PD2, has a rune system where you can trade with others. Understanding the rune values and prices in PD2 is important if you want to manage your runes and resources effectively.

So let’s start with the topic of this Project Diablo 2 Guide

PD2 Rune Values and Prices

This is the list of Rune values and prices in Project Diablo 2 or PD2. The number down below is how the rune is valued and priced based on the game currency, which is High Runes (HR).

  • Worldstone Shard – 0.02
  • Um – 0.05
  • Mal – 0.10
  • Ist – 0.16
  • Gul – 0.25
  • Vex – 0.50
  • Cham – 0.50
  • Ohm – 0.75
  • Zod – 1.0
  • Lo – 1.25
  • Sur – 1.5 – 1.75
  • Jah – 2.0
  • Ber – 3 – 3.5

The value of the runes is based on how often you gonna use it in the game. So for some high rarity rune like Cham, for example. The value is not too high because Cham can’t be used too much for crafting Runewords.

Some players might argue that this rune or that rune has a higher value and price because those numbers are subjective. But those numbers were been agreed by a lot of players in the PD2 community.

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