pop town plant crisis tier list

Pop Town: Plant Crisis Tier List (Best Heroes & Team)

The Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list is the place to go to find out which heroes are the greatest in the game for putting up the best team. In Pop Town: Plant Crisis, you may improve your gaming account feels and make everything easier by using the best characters to construct the best team.

Pop Town: Plant Crisis, an exciting mobile game brought to life by the skilled creators at D Games. Brace yourself for an immersive and thrilling adventure as you embark on a journey to build your own zombie town. But that’s not all – you’ll also play the role of a strong leader, honing and guiding a formidable army.

There are numerous things you can do in this RPG mobile game. But just like any other RPG game, your character is the main point to strengthen your game account.

In this Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list, you will find some of the best heroes in the game. You can build them according to what you need and put them on the same team to attack the others; PvE or PvP.

So let’s start this Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list with the table first.

Pop Town: Plant Crisis Tier List




Nicole Lennl, Goldenhand Tony, Banner


Thiago, Daniel, Pauligre, Cecilia


KongKong, Yoanna, Phoenix, Gregor


Black, Jan and Jennifer


Dr. Brown

The first thing I need to say about this game is the chance to get the rarest heroes is very small, with only a 0.2% chance of a Legendary Hero. You can gacha this hero in the S-Zombito at the Bar.

Because Pop Town: Plant Criris lets you attack the other player’s town, they can also attack you. This game limits its characters, so you can collect their shards to upgrade their skills. There are only two hero rarities, Epic and Legendary.

For the early to mid-game, the power gap between them is not too far. All of them have 5 skills. So you can still rely on them if you are a low-spender. Some Epic Heroes might have a chance to rank higher in this Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list.

Remember that each hero has their trait, so you must suit your team based on it. For example, you might need to bring Banner if you want to farm because he has a Resource trait. This Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list will be based on their March power.

Tier SS

Welcome to the vast and captivating realm of Pop Town: Plant Crisis, where true heroes reign supreme! Within this tier lies the absolute pinnacle of power on the Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list. These elite fighters stand tall as the most formidable and awe-inspiring beings, earning their rightful place as the ultimate champions of the game.

Prepare to be amazed by their extraordinary skills and unrivaled prowess in battle. If you seek to challenge yourself and reach the pinnacle of achievement, set your sights on this prestigious tier, where the greatest heroes await your arrival.

  • Nicole Lenn (All-round – Expand – Attack)
  • Goldenhand Tony (All-round – Expand – Reinforce)
  • Banner (All-round – Resource – Reinforce)

Tier S

Don’t worry if you haven’t been lucky enough to get those high-ranking SS-tier characters in Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list. We’ve all been there! The good news is that the S-tier heroes are nothing short of fantastic for your team. They might not be at the very top, but trust me, they pack a serious punch and can be incredible assets in your battles.

So, keep your spirits high and make the most of these S-tier champs. With a bit of strategy and teamwork, you’ll still be able to achieve great success and conquer the challenges that come your way. Remember, it’s not just about the tier – it’s how you use your team’s unique strengths to turn the tide in your favor.

  • Thiago (Drive – Guerilla – Strategy)
  • Daniel (All-round – Guerilla – Reinforce)
  • Pauligre (Drive – Guerilla – Agility)
  • Cecilia (All-round – Resource – Reinforce)

Tier A

You’ll come across tier A heroes quite frequently in the game, and they’re relatively easy to find. While they might not be the absolute cream of the crop, these heroes still hold significant value, especially for those starting out in Pop Town: Plant Crisis.

Think of them as the reliable companions who’ll accompany you from the beginning of your journey. Their abilities might surprise you, and they’ll prove to be quite handy in tackling the initial challenges you’ll face. Plus, they’ll give you a solid foundation to build upon as you progress in the game.

  • KongKong (Shoot – Expand – Strategy)
  • Yoanna (Drive – Expand – Strategy)
  • Phoenix (All-round – Expand – Attack)
  • Gregor (Fist Fight – Guard – Thick Armor)

Tier B

When it comes to the Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list, tier B heroes boast moderate strength. They may not be at the very top, but they’re certainly viable options for your team. However, keep in mind that unlocking their true potential will require a considerable investment of resources and effort. And in the end, it’s probably not worth it.

  • Black (Shoot – Expand – Strategy)
  • Jan and Jennifer (Drive – Guerilla – Agility)

Tier C

When you’re at this stage of the game, it’s best to avoid characters ranked in the C-tier. These heroes are considered the weakest in the Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list and often face significant balance issues. Opting to rely on them might result in less-than-ideal performance across different game modes.

  • Dr. Brown (Fist Fight – Guard – Strategy)

Pop Town: Plant Crisis Best Hero

pop town plant crisis tier list best hero

Banner is the best hero in Pop Town: Plant Crisis. He is an Epic hero, yet, his function as a farmer and support is remarkable. You need to bring him on many marches because his skills will benefit you—both in battle or post-battle. That’s why I put him on the top of this Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list.

Also read:

Banner’s passive skill Hard Baking lets him increase Gathering Speed and Load Capacity by up to 25%. This skill will boost your account to progress faster by a far mile. Since he is an Epic hero, increasing his talent is not too hard.

If you manage to enhance his Fight for dreams, your troop will gain a lot of defense boost and their Rage. This skill can be a supporting ability for the other offensive hero.

Pop Town: Plant Crisis Best Team

pop town plant crisis tier list best team

Since Banner is an All-round character, you can bring any troop or hero to join him. But you might need an offensive hero as his pair so they can complement each other. You can try this team example:

  • Banner (Support)
  • Nicole Lenn (DPS)

So that’s it, the Pop Town: Plant Crisis tier list; if you have any suggestions, feel free to put your comment.

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