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Planet Smash Top 6 Best Cannons to Upgrade First

Planet Smash offers you a simple way to smash any planet with its cannon system. Among all the cannons, focusing on these 6 best cannons can help you progress faster.

Right now, Planet Smash V0.2.2 has 8 different cannons you can use simultaneously. Some gamers may ask, then why you don’t use all of them at the same time? Yes, you can do that. But levelling them is a different question. You need a lot of Diamonds and time.

So focusing on the best first is a rational thing to do. And in this Planet Smash guide, I will show you the Planet Smash guides and tips about the top 6 best cannons in the game.

6. Cold Ice

Cold Ice has a semi-piercing ability and pointed damage because of its unique bullet shape. This is why I put Cold Ice as the 6th best cannon in this game. Because if not, I wouldn’t even want to look at it.

I don’t say this cannon is bad; it’s just not that good if you compare it to what’s next on this list.

5. Shoot

Besides its capability to smash planets, the good thing about Shoot is that its price is the second cheapest in Planet Smash. If you need to make fast progress in this mobile game, investing in Shoot is definitely a good choice.

The Shoot is like a shotgun. It will damage the target by spreading its bullet, creating mass destruction in many places.

4. Energy

Energy has a magic bullet that pierces through the planet and damages its inside. This cannon can be useful if you face the right boss with many defensive layers.

How it works is similar to Cold Ice, piercing. Energy is just a buff version of Cold Ice.

3. Rocket

Rocket is the best single-bullet cannon in this mobile game. 1 rocket has the equivalent of ten missiles. When Rocket releases at the right moment and place, even a planet boss can’t stand a chance.

The mechanic of Rocket is simple; it shoots 1 bullet that deals a very big hole to any planet.

2. Flame

I choose Flame as the second-best cannon in this list because of its painful laser flame. Regarding price, Flame is the third most expensive cannon in Planet Smash.

It will rupture the planet by giving it burning damage over time. Creating a bigger hole as time goes on.

1. Thunder

Thunder is the best cannon in the game. Even though the price is very high, it’s worth it for every Diamond you spend on it.

Thunder has a chain of lightning bullets continuously damaging the planet, creating a bigger hole than any other cannons.

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