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Planet Smash Guides, Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

Planet Smash is a tap game by Hello Games Team. These Planet Smash guides, cheats, tips, and strategies can help you progress this mobile game smoothly.

Planet Smash is not the typical tap game where you only need to tap to defeat your enemies. You need a little bit of strategy to progress, especially when facing a more complex boss. So these Planet Smash guides will include helping you go through that.

I will tell you the most fundamental thing in Planet Smash that you can always use even when you’re not playing the game.

So, let’s start these Planet Smash guides and tips with the basics first.

Planet Smash Basic Mechanics

At the tip, Planet Smash looks like any other tap game. But the more you play this mobile game, the more you will realize that no matter how fast you tap, there’s a barrier that will tell you it’s useless.

Other games will use buffs like increasing damage, critical damage, critical chance, etc. But in Planet Smash, you will see an upgrade called CD that will reduce your rocket cooldown. This is the thing I’ve mentioned before that will stop you from tapping like a madman.

Smashing one planet to another is easy. The only thing that you need to consider is the planet boss. They have a unique defense system that will stop you or even destroy all your missiles, making you frustrated and choose to leave the game.

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Planet Smash Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Cheats

After you understand the basic gameplay of Planet Smash, let’s continue to the content’s main topic, the Planet Smash guides for the beginner level.

What to Upgrade First?

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Deciding on what to upgrade first in Planet Smash is very important. Using the right one can boost your mobile game account far miles ahead.

There are four things to consider to increase your overall damage in many different ways:

  • Power: Increase attack range
  • CD: Shorten the launch interval of automatic missiles
  • Gravity: Reduce the arc of automatic missiles trajectory
  • Accuracy: Increase manual click accuracy

For me, the only things you need to upgrade for your starter game account are CD first, then Power.

CD will give tons of missiles, and I’m sure you will be amazed by how good it is to prioritize it first. Power will increase your smashing capability by creating a larger hole in the planet. Looks good, right? But you need a big investment to see it shines. It won’t affect you that much if you spend a small number.

Gravity is actually a big upgrade too, but it is still not comparable to CD and Power. While Accuracy only gives you an advantage if you tap the planet.

What is the Best Cannon?

Cannon act as your secondary weapons after your missiles. Buying a new one or upgrading can’t give you a bigger advantage than your main weapon, a rocket. This Planet Smash guides still consider a missile or rocket the best weapon overall.

But still, you need a place to spend your Diamonds, right? Then the answer is the Thunder that you can buy for 350 Diamonds. This is the most expensive canon in PLanet Smash, but it’s worth it.

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Upgrade or Buy a New Cannon?

This is the next question you’re going to ask, probably. In this kind of game, I always choose to take all the condiments first, starting with the best ones and then upgrading them one by one.

Planet Smash is no exception.

First, you will get an increased price the more you upgrade. It is going to make you difficult in the long run.

Second, it is a personal opinion, but it’s nice to see many bullets and weapons simultaneously smashing the planet, creating an instant planet smasher.

You Don’t Need to Buy Prop

The prop is a great buffer for your overall game account. It can give you a high number of advantages depending on what you choose. But there’s 1 problem; you need Diamonds. That’s why these Planet Smash tips can’t suggest you do that.

There 3 kinds of Props:

  • 2 Cannons CD: Reduce the cooldown of your interval cannon bullets
  • 2 Skills CD: Reduce the cooldown of your skills
  • 1 Double Gold: Multiply all of your received gold

If I need to buy one, I will choose Double Gold first, especially for a starter game account. Then, Skills CD, and the last one, Cannons CD.

It will be much better if you invest your Diamonds in the Cannon.

If you have more Planet Smash guides, strategies, tips, and cheats, you can put them in the comment down below.

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