Ninja Saga New Tips and Tricks for 2024

ninja saga tips and tricks 2024

In Ninja Saga, you are allowed to choose up to 2 elements for free users and 3 elements for premium users. Let me briefly explain the advantages of each elements.

Fire: Boasting the highest attack jutsu among all elements, every 1 point in the fire element adds 0.4% damage for all elements. Additionally, it increases the chance of a 30% attack boost on the next turn and provides a 1% bonus damage for fire elemental.

Water: Specializing in self-healing, each point increases CP by 40, and there’s a 0.1% chance of purifying at the beginning of a turn.

Earth: Known for stunning and high HP, each point in the earth element increases hit points by 40 and offers a 0.4% chance to counter enemy attacks.

Wind: Boasting high evasion, each point adds to dodge rate and agility (turn speed).

Lightning: This element excels in critical attacks. Each point increases the chance of critical attacks by 0.4% and provides an additional 0.8% damage during critical attacks.

Element Combinations:

  • Fire – Lightning: Choosing this combination results in a deadly attack. The potent fire attack, coupled with critical strikes from the lightning element, makes your elemental attacks lethal.
  • Earth – Water: Combining these two elements creates a formidable defense. Earth’s status enhances hit points, while water jutsu can heal, making your character challenging for other players to defeat.
  • Lightning – Earth: If you desire a character with stunning abilities, this combination is suitable. Both elements have jutsu capable of stunning (Earth Strangle & Lightning Shock).
  • Wind – Earth: For a character that’s challenging to defeat, try this combination. Wind increases evasion, and earth boosts your hit points, making your character resilient and with substantial hit points.

Above are some combinations I recommend. If you’re unsatisfied and desire different combinations, feel free to try them out.

Acquiring Gold
Relying solely on mission rewards won’t make you rich quickly. To amass a substantial amount of gold, repeat the same mission multiple times. When fortunate, you might obtain weapons that can be sold for varying prices based on their quality (500 – 5000 gold points). However, not all weapons are sellable; some excellent ones lack a market value. This method has proven effective in missions featuring bosses.

Obtaining Premium Items
Want to buy premium weapons but lack tokens? You can obtain them through daily tasks that appear once a day when you first open your Ninja Saga account. Although the chances are slim, it’s worth a try. As proof, I once received the “Ocean Sword” as a reward for completing a daily task. Unfortunately, this weapon requires a ninja emblem, so I couldn’t use it.

Tips for Obtaining Weapons in Missions
Here are missions that provide weapon rewards:

For levels 4-19

  • 4 = Samurai
  • 7 = Fake Worshiper (weapon reward)
  • 9 = Desert Bandits, Princess Takara (weapon reward)
  • 13 = Escaped Criminal (weapon reward)

For levels 20-21 (Young Chunin)

  • Hunt at level 19 / grade E, the last one (weapon reward)
  • At level 19, recruiting friends isn’t necessary because my earth and water are 10, completing the Chunin Exam.
  • Aim to pursue pets or save up for level 21 skills.

For Levels 22-24

  • Hunt at their respective levels.
  • Weapons usually appear at level 23 (in my case, the percentage is quite low/rare).
  • Occasionally visit level 13 to search for weapons (not too often, maybe 1 in 10 attempts).

For Levels 25-26

  • Hunt at their respective levels.
  • Weapons at level 25 (Hole Sword 14000, Silver-Edged Kunai 11000), with a 3 out of 5 mission success rate.
  • If lucky, you might often get the Hole Sword at level 26.

For Level 27

  • Hunt at level 27 without recruiting, as long as you have skill 23, 2 hits, and just a few punches to finish.

For Level 28

  • XP starts increasing at 28, so be patient.

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