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Ninja Kingdom 6 Tips to Build Better Kingdom

There are lots of tips and tricks in the game Ninja Kingdom. In these Ninja Kingdom guides and tips, I will only explain a few tips that I think are important for you.

You need to know these tips so that your ninja empire can grow rapidly and you can play this game more easily.

The tips I will give are random, meaning that no categories divide each tip. Still unclear? Okay, I’ll give an example, suppose.

I’m explaining that ninjas can only find one wall; in these tips, I won’t categorize the tips earlier into any group; for example, I won’t categorize them into groups of tips on attacking, defending, or tips to get resources.

Ninja Kingdom Guides, Tips & Tricks to Build Better Kingdom

Here are some Ninja Kingdom tips & tricks that you need to know:

1. Ninja Can Only Jump Over One Wall

This may have become a common thing for Ninja Kingdom players, both new and pro. But there’s nothing wrong if I also write it in this article? After knowing these tips, you can be more careful in attacking and defending.

If you are in a state of attack, always use your Ninja to destroy the enemy’s fort which is only protected by one layer of walls. Likewise, if you are in a defensive position, protect your important buildings, such as your Mortar or Konai Tower by installing two layers of walls.

2. Complete Available Quests

By completing a quest, you will get prizes ranging from XP, Gold, Sushi, and even Jade. Take quest prizes if you need them; never take them when your Gold and Sushi Storage is almost full or even full.

3. Protect the Gold and Sushi Storage

These two buildings are the most targeted by your enemies from your kingdom, especially the Gold Storage. Why? Because by destroying just one of them, your enemy can get 20% to 25% of the total Gold and Sushi in your kingdom.

Let’s say you have 100,000 Gold and 100,000 Sushi; if your enemy manages to destroy just one Gold Storage, then your enemy will probably get 50,000 Gold; that’s a lot, isn’t it? You can also use these tips to attack your enemies; focus on destroying the enemy’s Gold and Sushi Storage which has a lot of Gold and Sushi, then you will get a lot of Gold and Sushi.

4. Don’t Worry About Trophies Too Much

Maybe many people still like to find trophies by attacking other people’s kingdoms in the Ninja Kingdom. This is not a problem as long as the kingdom’s defence is strong enough. The enemies you will meet will get stronger by getting lots of trophies.

I advise keeping trophies in the range of 700 to 1000; here, you can find enemies with large amounts of Gold and Sushi without fear of being attacked by many strong enemies.

My experience when I have trophies in the range of 1300 to 1500 at Ninja Kingdom is that it is very difficult to maintain the Gold and Sushi you have. Why? It’s true that the more trophies you have, the higher the percentage of finding strong enemies.

But, so that you know, the results I get from attacking the enemy are not comparable to the results my enemies get from attacking my kingdom. That is, I only have the disadvantage of having many trophies.

The positive side is you can get Gold and Sushi more easily because the enemies you meet are getting stronger, so there is a possibility that they also have more Gold and Sushi.

Well, the negative side is you will get a lot of attacks from very strong enemies, which will make your kingdom run out of gold and Sushi because it is always taken by enemies who attack you.

5. Always Upgrade Palace

Palace is the most important building in the Ninja Kingdom game. If you have the needed resources, just upgrade it as soon as possible.

Even though the price is very high, the prize you will get if you upgrade it is bigger than the gold you spend to upgrade it. You can buy several new buildings or increase the number of existing buildings in your kingdom.

6. Save the Royal Princess

The main goal of saving the princess from bad guys is probably because of the prizes you get. You will get a lot of jade and promotion after doing it.

In the Ninja Kingdom, the princess you managed to save can also help protect your kingdom; she will stand on the roof of the Palace and use her power to shoot enemies who try to attack your kingdom.

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