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Ninja Kingdom Tips: How to Defence and Attack

In the Ninja Kingdom, you have a choice to attack your enemies. As well as create a kingdom to protect your base. In these Ninja Kingdom tips and tricks, I will tell you the best way to attack and defend.

The first part of these Ninja Kingdom guides and tips will discuss how to attack your enemy’s kingdom. I will show the basic tips and tricks on how to do that.

While on the second part, we will focus on protecting your kingdom and resources by creating the best defence strategies in the Ninja Kingdom game.

Ninja Kingdom Attacking Guides, Tips and Tricks:

After I gave you a story about knowing the work of the house in the Ninja Kingdom. Now I want to advise you about attacking enemy kingdoms.

First, I would like to ask you what you think is the best way to get a lot of gold and sushi in the Ninja Kingdom?

In my opinion, by stealing wealth from the enemies of the kingdom and taking it from the capital that makes the war very cheap, you can get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of gold and sushi. So I will give you some tips to attack the enemy’s territory effectively; please see:

1. Focus on Ninja-type Troops

Why Ninja? Because I think that the Ninja is a very good type of military, with a low price and because it does not require a lot of boat space so that we can do it in many big.

Use all the sushi you have on Ninja until your ship is full. Make sure you are constantly improving the level of training as strength continues to grow.

2. Choose an Opponent that Matches Your Strengths

Be careful in choosing enemies; look for enemies with weak defences. Look for enemies protecting important buildings and one wall. This way, your Ninja can jump over it.

Remember, keep an eye on the gold and sushi your target has so that your army’s sacrifices don’t match what you get.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Draw Troops

As I mentioned before, the production cost of the Ninja is cheap. Do not be afraid to run away from the army; if you win, you will get more resources than the cost of making your army, let alone the army, to upgrade the building can be enough.

4. Create a Group

The team’s goal is to use your Ninja to attack through multiple methods.

For example, eliminate 10 soldiers in the south, 10 in the west, 10 in the north and 10 in the east. The main thing is, don’t use all your army in one place; divide your army into different groups, and each group has its position.

Ninja Kingdom Defence Guides, Tips and Tricks

Protecting the kingdom from enemy attacks can be one of the most difficult things in the Ninja kingdom. In defence, the enemy will choose their enemy; if you have a lot of wealth and the defence is weak, the enemy will attack your kingdom.

Unlike when you attack, you can choose an enemy that matches the strength and resources you are looking for, although you must go through the process.

But, for those with strong defences, there is no need to worry about enemy attacks; in fact, it can be an enemy to worry about.

Here, I will advise on building defences in your kingdom to reduce the number of deadly attacks your kingdom receives. I consider this trick effective because few enemies can destroy the Gold and Sushi Storage in my area, so my losses are not that big. ninja kingdom

1. Protect Your Fortress

The fortresses I’m talking about are buildings that enemies can attack if they attack your kingdom.

Place your defences nearby so that if one of your walls is attacked, the others can be attacked quickly, and your enemy receives a strong attack. Use fences to protect your walls so that your defences can give the enemy a big hit before they are destroyed.

2. Gold and Sushi Storage as the Most Important Buildings

Gold Storage and Sushi is the second most important building in your kingdom. Why? This building is the most popular enemy building, if you can protect it well, it will be difficult for your enemies to destroy it.

Place the gold storage and sushi within the attack range of the strong house and try to put it in your land.

Do not place these two buildings in areas easily accessible by the enemy. If you look at my kingdom, I put my defence in the kingdom with the defence of many walls in 3 Layers of level 5.

You can also add support buildings like Clan Hall, Dojo and others to cover your Security. If you place it correctly, your gold and sushi storage will be destroyed only when your fortress is destroyed.

3. Ignore the Palace to Dampen Trophies

Is your kingdom lost because your house is destroyed? don’t forget, that’s actually a good thing too. If your kingdom is lost, in addition to suffering because the enemy steals from you, you will also benefit; the trophies you have will decrease depending on the attacks your kingdom receives.

As trophies decrease, the number of enemies attacking you can decrease, which will make it easier for your empire to grow.

Let the enemies attack your palace; the property inside the house is very low, you will not have much loss if your house is destroyed.

4. Use Multiple Walls for Important Buildings

Flat walls are a great enemy for the Ninja; by climbing them, the Ninja’s jumping ability will be useless. That’s why Ninja Kingdom is unique from the other game.

And I, in addition to being used often, ninjas are also difficult to hit; they have good health and good attack speed to destroy your walls before you can destroy them. Remember to upgrade it regularly as your health increases.

5. Watch out for gold and sushi

What are the enemies of your kingdom looking for? The obvious answer is gold in your sushi.

If your gold and sushi are large quantities, your enemy’s tendency to attack can increase. This means you need to be vigilant. One of the most effective ways to protect a large amount of gold and sushi from enemy attacks is to stop attacking enemies and use shield protection.

In exchange, your gold and sushi taste may decrease. The solution is to upgrade Goldsmith and Sushi Chef and try to reach level 10; this way, you will not be afraid of enemy attacks that grow gold in your sushi.

There is one more thing to remember in the Ninja Kingdom guides and tips, don’t take your gold and sushi from Goldsmith and Sushi Chef when you don’t need it; if you do, you will increase the gold and sushi ability, which you don’t have. Important. This can eventually increase the number of enemies attacking your kingdom.

6. Don’t Forget to Use Oni

Besides being able to fight, Oni can also be used to help your kingdom resist enemy attacks.

One of Oni’s strengths that should not be underestimated is the splash ability. With this ability, Oni can attack several enemies at once in one attack. Take advantage of this ability to help your defence.

Oni is one of the best unit in Ninja Kingdom.

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