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Ninja Kingdom Tips: How to Get More Gold and Sushi?

Progressing faster in the Ninja Kingdom is easy if you have a lot of Gold and Sushi, in this Ninja Kingdom tips and tricks, I will tell you how to get them in the easiest way.

Gold and Sushi are the two most important things that you must have in the Ninja Kingdom. If you don’t have or only have a little Gold and Sushi, your empire will definitely have a hard time developing later. It’s different, with those who have excess Gold and Sushi, their empire will definitely develop quickly, and have very strong defenses and attacks. This time, I will give you tips on getting lots of Gold and Sushi in the Ninja Kingdom.

Ninja Kingdom Tips Getting Sushi and Gold

Take the Enemy’s Gold and Sushi

As I said before, for me, the easiest way to get lots of Gold and Sushi, is to steal Gold and Sushi from other kingdoms.

Actually, you can get hundreds of thousands and even millions of Gold and Sushi in a short time if you are diligent online. The method? If you have unlocked the tips on attacking enemy kingdoms that I made before, you will know how to make and organize attacks in an effective way. Just imagine, by making 3 Dojos, you can make 50 Ninjas in less than 20 minutes. And what’s more, the cost to make 50 Ninjas is very cheap.

That is, you only need very little time and Sushi, to get hundreds of thousands of Gold and Sushi. Do this repeatedly, to get Gold and Sushi until they reach the maximum limit that can be accommodated by your Gold Bank and Sushi Storage.

Upgrade Your Goldsmith and Sushi Chef

Actually, you don’t need to do these tips, if you can maximize the tips I gave above. Because the time needed to get Gold and Sushi using these tips will take a very long time, you can only get tens of thousands of Gold and Sushi after you have waited for more than 10 hours.

When compared to the first tip, in terms of income, this tip still loses, especially when viewed from a time perspective, this tip will be nothing compared to the first tip.

Do these tips, if you only have a short amount of time online. You won’t get optimal results if you only do the first tip, while your online time is only short.

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