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Ninja Kingdom Guides: 6 Tips for New Player

Ninja Kingdom beginner guides and tips are what you need if you are looking for how to boost your early game account. These Ninja Kingdom guides are important to understand the basic mechanic of the game.

All the Ninja Kingdom guides here can be used for a beginner player. I will explain what you need to do in the early phase of the game.

Once you understand the basic guides and tips of this mobile game, you can easily progress your account to create the best kingdom in the game and beat another player by attacking their kingdom.

Ninja Kingdom Guides and Tips

1. Daily Login

You can be online at least from seven to eight-thirty, then from nine to ten-thirty, and so on.

If you complete these things, you can quickly build your kingdom by building existing buildings using the 2 architects provided. If you have architects who are not working, you will be able to connect directly.

2. Focus on Promoting Sushi Chef at Goldsmith

These are the tips that I think are the most important of all in Ninja Kingdom. Why? Because by focusing on upgrading both, you can build your empire without worrying about running out of resources.

These tips will only be useful if you do what I said before; you need to have a few hours online. Go to level four or five. Increase sushi storage and gold bank

You already know, don’t you, why I told you to increase your sushi storage and gold treasure? Of course, it’s not worth it if you only have growing assets if you don’t have enough slopes to hold them.

Get a full upgrade, which is essential to accommodate all your equipment.

3. Upgrade the Palace

In the Ninja kKingdom, the palace is one of the most important buildings. With this building, you can create many new buildings offered in the store. Upgrade this building regularly as long as you have enough gold. Build an army

My favourite army in the early game of Ninja Kingdom is the Assassin. Why? in addition to being cheap, they also have a variety of attacks that can make tough enemies difficult to attack. Do at least fifteen to twenty-five. Use only combat

If you have built up an army that you think is good enough to fight, go to Attack and select Single Player.

Fight the lowest-level enemies first as your main focus in the Ninja Kingdom. Take out enough troops and try to make them move away from your enemy’s area so that your troops can attack him directly, and if you can destroy him, you can bring the enemy’s empire to n ‘nobody gets in your way.

4. Use shield protection

At the beginning of the Ninja Kingdom, your kingdom will be protected from all enemy attacks with the help of a feature called Shield for 24 hours. You can use it to build your empire without worrying about your weak defences.

In previous tips, I also recommend attacking enemies using a single player, one of the advantages is that your shield protection does not expire. Build a fortress

Once you have enough resources and your shield defence time is low, you can easily build and upgrade multiple towers.

I advise building a tower as quickly as possible because with this building, your defence will be greatly increased, and enemies who want to attack you will have to think twice before attacking you.

I can give these tips for playing Ninja Kingdom at the beginning of the game; you can apply them from top to bottom. Maybe you have other tips I didn’t write above; you can give them in the comment box below.

5. Attack & Defence Strategy

Because the Ninja Kingdom offers a way to loot your enemy’s resources, knowing how to attack your enemy is important.

Looting your enemies is the best way to collect resources because it is fast and simple. You don’t need to wait until a few hours to make them full.

Protecting your kingdom is also important because you don’t want to let them steal your hard work.

6. Save Princess

By saving the princess, you can collect Jade to improve your progress in the Ninja Kingdom. This is a rare resource you need to achieve.

Once you do that, the Princess will be shown in your kingdom to protect it when the enemy’s troops come.

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