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Mount and Magic Tips: Power-up to Prioritize First

Mount and Magic have many ways to help you clear the stage. One of them is by buying power-ups. These Mount and Magic tips can help you choose what you need to have first.

Lucky for you, upgrading or buying power-up doesn’t consume your premium currency. To buy all of them, you only need a lot of time to farm Gold.

But still, even though it’s better than the outfit in terms of its price, using a better one for your early game is a must.

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Mount and Magic Tips Best Power-ups

mount and magic powerup tips
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This mobile game classified its power-up system into two main categories.

The first is upgrading magic or your main source of damage. Meaning that the better the magic, the better the power-up too. It also applied to the blessing system too.

The second one is the unique ability that grants you something OP, like reviving for once. Having this kind of stuff is what you need to aim for first in this Mount and Magic tips and guides.

I will show you 5 power-ups you need to upgrade as soon as possible in this game.

5. Refresh

In other games in the same genre, if you know what I mean, this kind of spell that can refresh the shop or chest is very powerful because of its integrated system between the weapons and equipment.

But in Mount and Magic, you can mix n match anything with what you like.

Still, the refreshing ability is still strong in some cases. You can buy it if you need to upgrade specific magic or blessing first.

4. Power

Upgrading Power to its limit, which is Lv.5, will grant you +50% DMG. Power-up that you need to get no matter what happens.

But wait until you see the rest of this Mount and Magic tips and guides.

3. Luck

Luck is a unique ability that can cheat the system itself. With Luck, you go from level 2 to level 4 instantly, passing level 3. Or maybe you can find any upgrades that drop freely on the maps.

This power-up is just like its name; it’s something that you want anytime and anywhere.

2. Amount

If Power can give 50% more DMG, the Amount can double that. Meaning that you can get up to +100 DMG.

If killing enemies is your priority rather than survival, this power-up is your number 1 best choice.

1. Revive

This power-up does 1 simple thing, revive. In the harder stage, where enemies become deadlier, this simple thing will become more and more valuable. More than you can imagine.

Especially because Mount and Magic don’t offer you a free revive system that you can trade by watching ads or something.

But if you already have Adam, maybe you can skip this. If you want to see more OP outfits like him, you may want to see this Mount and Magic outfit tier list.


Some power-ups have higher advantages because of their ability.

Keep in mind that a pricey power-up usually only has 1 upgrade. So overall, in terms of price, they are all not much different.

Feel free to comment if you have any opinions about these Mount and Magic tips, guides, strategies, and cheats.

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