Mount and Magic Guides and Tips

Mount and Magic Best 9 Early Game Guides & Tips

Mount and Magic is a mobile game published by Youloft Games that you can download for free. Reading these Mount and Magic guides and tips can help you quickly learn how to beat the early game stage.

With its dark background and old medieval theme, you will see that Mount and Magic try to differentiate itself from the other popular game in the same genre, Survivor.Io. And its works. You will see different game mechanics that I will explain soon.

Mount and Magic guides, tips, and strategies will start by telling you how this game works.

Mount and Magic Basic Mechanics

This mobile game’s gameplay is very simple yet fun to play, especially if you are looking for a relaxing game that you can play while waiting for something.

You need to move your character, dodging all the enemies’ attacks while they’re making the auto attack. Using a different weapon can result in different gameplay. There are some weapons that you need to aim for first.

The early minutes of Mount and Magic is easy, but the last minutes before you face the main boss, the real challenge begins. You will be attacked from many directions, and you will face tougher enemies at the same time.

Mount and Magic Guides and Tips

After you know the basic gameplay of this mobile game, let’s jump to the main topic, which is Mount and Magic Guides and Tips.

1. Leveling Character is Important

I know this guide sounds very mainstream, but this game differs from the others. You need to reach some levels to unlock the new stage or area and continue your progress.

For this patch, you need to reach level 15 in each area. So beating the last boss only is not enough to progress your journey.

Ensuring you can find a way to claim all the exp spreading across the map is very important.

2. Round and Round

The most simple yet effective movement pattern you can use in Mount and Magic is circling your enemies.

The size of your circle depends on you. The harder the enemies, the bigger circle you need to make. You need a lot of space to dodge all the bullets and fast enemies.

The main reason for this movement is to help you remember all the exp and other consumable items. Once the enemies, especially the mini-boss, are defeated, just jump in the middle of your circle to claim all the rewards.

3. Magnet and Food Can Turn the Table

Mount and Magic guides food
Image via Youloft Games

Magnet is arguably the most important in-game item that you can get. It will suck all the exp around the map. But there is one problem, Magnet is rare in Mount and Magic. You can even clear a stage with only 1 Magnet.

Food, on the other hand, spreads far more often. You can protect yourself easily because your health will keep at its limit.

Knowing when to get Magnet and Food are important, especially magnet. I always prefer to get Magnet every 5 minutes.

4. Advanced Chest Scaling

Advance Chest is a rare version of Bronze Chest that will grant you 3 prizes at once. And the rarity gap between them is high. Let’s say you complete 3 stages; among the 45 minutes you’ve played the game, you may acquire only 2 Advance Chests.

But the good news is, there is a way to upgrade your Bronze Chest to the Advance Chest instantly. You know it, right? Yup, by watching ads.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to do that or not. But let me remind you of this simple math, if you get 5 Bronze Chests, you will only get 5 upgrades, but if you upgrade all of them, you will get 15 upgrades.

5. Leveling Magic First

The main source of your damage comes from your magic or weapons. Upgrading them first will make everything feels easier.

There is a magic that you need to aim for, as I mentioned before, but I personally don’t really like this kind of weapon. Because when you face stronger enemies, the most logical way to survive is by running, not facing them. Meaning that this magic will be useless.

6. Damage Buff and Clover are Prioritize

Some blessings can grant you damage buff status, like increasing total damage, adding more bullets, increasing missile speeds, etc. This kind of buff is what you need to upgrade first besides your magic.

Clover is also important because it can increase your luck of getting an upgrade without leveling up or unlocking a chest.

7. Power-up Your Magics and Blessings

Power-up means that you increase your passive buff. It can affect all the main stages. You need to get it by saving your gold until you’ve had enough to buy it.

The 11k price power-up has a unique effect, like increasing bullet numbers and reviving once. I always prefer to buy them first before all the others.

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8. Different Outfit Different Bonus

mount and magic outfit guides
Image via Youloft Games

Each outfit has a different description, and some outfit description has a bonus effect. So make sure that before you buy one of them, that outfit has a passive buff.

Mount and Magic don’t have a rarity system in their outfit. But that doesn’t mean that all outfits are on the same level. Some outfits are arguably better.

Don and Bill can increase your Power. But while Don can increase by 15% Power, Bill only has 10% Power. Their prices are also different; Don costs you 9,000 Gold, while Bill only 2,500 Gold.

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9. Beware of Curse Item

I don’t know why Youloft Games put this cursed item in their bag. To put more challenge, maybe? But once you gain it, you will see that your enemies become stronger.

So make sure that before getting any upgrades, you’ve already read the effect first.

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