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Monster Legends Guides: 6 Tips for New Players

Monster Legends guides and tips are what you need if you are looking for a way to increase your resources, dragons, level, etc in an efficient way.

Monster Legends can be said to be another version of Dragon City, if in Dragon City we will raise dragons, then in Monster Legends, we will raise monsters. The concept of the game is also very similar.

Maybe for those of you who are good at playing Dragon City, you won’t have any trouble playing this game. However, for those who have never tried Dragon City and are new to this game, you might experience a bit of difficulty later.

Because of that, I tried to give you a few tips on playing Monster Legends for the start of the game or the first day when the game starts, please pay attention.

Monster Legends Guides, Tips, and Tricks

If you are new to Monster Legends game, you can follow these guides and tips to progress faster:

1. Have High Online Hours

Because now I’m discussing tips for playing Monster Legends at the start of the game, therefore you definitely have to have high online hours, because, at the start of the game, the process of building a building, breeding monsters, hatching monsters, surely everything will take place at the right time. very fast and there are even some that only take a few minutes.

Therefore, you must always be able to go online whenever you can, if you want your monster world to grow rapidly in the future.

2. Complete Every Available Goal

At the beginning of the game, Goal will probably be your main source of income, starting from XP, Gems, Gold, and others. However, there is one thing you need to remember when carrying out the tasks in Goal.

You have to see what task is given by Goal, if the task given is a task that can later reduce your Gems, you should postpone the task first, unless the prize to be obtained is Gems.

3. Eliminate All Existing Interferences

The meaning of the disturbance here is obstructing objects such as rocks, trees, bushes, and others that can prevent you from building a building because they are blocked by these objects.

Try to weed out the ones with quick timing and low costs first. Because if you keep getting rid of the expensive and old ones first, you will have a hard time developing your monster world, because your resources and time will be used up by these things.

4. Focus on One Monster First

Usually, you still have very little food at the beginning of the game, so I suggest that you focus on levelling up just one monster.

Because I think it’s better to have one very strong monster and two weak monsters than to have three mediocre ones. So, when one of your monsters feels strong enough, then you can focus on the other monsters.

5. Take advantage of the Adventure Map

After you have troops that you think are strong enough to fight, you can test their strength on the Adventure Map. In this mode, you can get lots of XP, Gold, and Food in just a few minutes, provided that you have strong enough troops to continue fighting at the next level.

Why do you always have to play at the next level? because you won the previous level, all the treasure on that level will be lost because you took it before, so you won’t get anything but get a prize from Roulette Spin.

6. Pressing the Like Button and Playing Dragon City

Try to pay attention to the thumbs up on the right side, there you will find several options, press the like option, and you will be given the order to play Dragon City up to level 10, after you have successfully done this, you only need to press the claim reward button, and You will get a prize in the form of a monster with nature and earth elements called Dragonian Beast.

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