merge war army draft battler guides and tips

Merge War Army Draft Battler Best Guides and Tips

Merge War Army Draft Battler guides and tips are what you’re looking for if you want to easily win every stage in this mobile game. These 7 Merge War guides, tips & tricks will tell you what you need to know in the early game phase.

Merge War Army Draft Battler is a merge game published by Funovus. Even though this genre is very simple, the longer you play, the more you realize that this game is kinda hard.

You will face many enemies tougher than your army. That’s why you need some strategies.

And you will see all of that in a matter of seconds with these Merge War Army Draft Battler strategies, guides, cheats, tips, and tricks.

Merge War Army Draft Battler Basic Mechanics

The only thing you need to do in this mobile game is merge your armies, just like its name.

But the problem is, you will face a hard time if you only care about that. There are a lot of rocks, equipment, merge bonus, etc., that you need to understand first.

Rock is an obstacle that will consume your chessboard’s space. Equipment is a bonus army that you can’t remove. A merge bonus is a buff to the surrounding you get after merging an army.

You need to think about combining all of those before merging a single army.

Merge War Guides, Tips & Tricks

You already know the basic idea of this mobile game. Let’s start with our main topic, Merge War Army Draft Battler guides and tips.

All these tips and tricks are put in random order.

1. Army Can’t Move

Once you summon an army, you can’t place them in another position.

The only thing you can do is by merging them with a different unit. This is important because some units have a high DPS with low HP. Having them in the wrong place can cause them do die instantly.

So make sure you care about how to position them.

2. Focus on More Upgrades

A different army has a different merge bonus position. My number 1 priority before merging them is to look at what unit can benefit the most.

The higher rarity unit has a wider area. Meaning that it is important to stack your deck full of high-rarity armies. T

  • Blue = 2 Merge Bonus
  • Yellow = 3 Merge Bonus
  • Red = 4 Merge Bonus

3. Use Destructive Ability in the Last Seconds

Destructive Abilities like Fireball can be game changers. But the abilities you get in each stage are limited. So you need to be careful when using them.

Each stage in this game has a lot of rounds. The closer you get to the last round, the harder the enemies you will face.

Saving your abilities for the last rounds can be a good strategy.

4. Prioritize a Long Run Spell

merge war guide and tips
Image via Funovus

Some spells in Merge War can only help you for 1 round. This kind of spell is only good if you face the last boss.

But if you pick it in the early rounds, it will be useless. It will be much better if you pick the longer spell that can help you through the entire stage.

Some spells that you need to pick:

  • Upgrade the next summoned unit to the rank 2
  • Add strength to the highest rank unit
  • The next merges grant doubled merge bonuses
  • Gold dropped by enemies increased
  • Increase ability effect value and gain 1 extra ability charge
  • Using your ability grants units a shield and 1 extra ability charge
  • Add strength to all grids
  • Merging a unit restores 1 token

Each spell has a different rarity, starting from green as the weakest, then blue, and purple as the most powerful.

5. Destroy Obstacle First

Harder stages contain longer rounds.

1 for sure is you need a lot of armies to clear the stage. And clearing obstacles like rocks is your priority.

Getting stuck and removing an army only causes another problem. Because the summoned units you will get are random.

Let’s say that you delete Dragon because you need Sage, but what happens if you get Dragon again? Yes, remove it again.

6. Merge Until Your Board is Full

The main idea of Merge War is merging a unit into a stronger unit.

But before you do that, make sure to fill your board first. Why? To maximize the merge bonus. More units on the board will make each unit’s bonus used effectively.

Especially because the early round of each stage only contains weaker enemies. So you can leave them unmerged without any worry.

7. How to Get and Use Gold?

merge war guide talent
Image via Funovus

The last part of these Merge War guides, tips, and tricks is here. The last thing I can tell you is how to use Gold properly.

Gold is the freemium currency you can get from playing stages in this game. Gold has many usabilities.

My priority is to upgrade my talents. It will give you some passive buffs you can use on the entire game stages. You can keep doing this until the price becomes too expensive.

The second is by upgrading your unit and gear, then buying new ability.


The idea of winning this game is simple. But in that simplicity lies a lot of mechanics you need to understand before merging a unit.

These Merge War Army Draft Battler guides and tips are finally complete. If you have any thoughts, feel free to put your comment.

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