Merge Duck 2 Tier List

Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG Tier List (Best Ducks & Team)

Merge Duck 2 tier list can help you find the best duck in Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG. I will classify all the purple ducks in this game into a tier list. And later, you can also see on how to reroll in Merge Duck 2.

Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG is an RPG mobile game published by OneMore Game Studio that you can get for free.

Just like its name, you will use ducks as your character. You need to clear stage by stage to finish the game. Collecting more ducks until you acquire the stronger one is what you need to make everything easier.

Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG Tier List

Merge Duck 2 has a lot of options to choose from. So in this Merge Duck 2 tier list, I will classify them based on the META perspective so you can get an idea about the best duck in Merge Duck 2.

Later after you finish the tier list to find the best duck, you can move down to find how to build the best team in Merge Duck 2.

So without any further, this is the complete list of Merge Duck 2 tier list:




Valkyrie, DK78, Crimson Sweetie, Tendo Lightning


Dragonqueen, Paladin, Martial Emperor, Stormbringer, Nighmare (Mecha Front), Nightmare (Armored Legion), Onion Duck, Shadow Shark, Infester, Armor Ninja, Storm


Dark Mage, Pioneer, Magus, Vampire, Autoduck, Magic Master, Fire Captain, Devil Dragon, Shura Toshi, Ra, Chivalrous Man, Blinder, Knife, Berserke, Angel Hunter


VF Fighter, Fire Ninja, Ghostface, Cyborg, Butterfly, Lightning, Diver, Abyssal Lurker, Artificial Maid


Strike Machine, Mad Scientist, Alchemist, Destroyer, Rider, Icefire, Brave Warrior, Lord of Flame

Merge Deck 2 Tier List – SS

You won’t find any doubt about it – these ducks are hands down the crème de la crème in the Merge Duck 2 tier list! If you’re looking to kick off your gameplay on the right foot, these feathered champions demand your utmost attention. They’re truly in a league of their own and considered the absolute best among all the ducks available.

So, gather your enthusiasm and dive headfirst into the game with these incredible ducks leading the way. Their exceptional qualities are sure to make your gaming experience one to remember.

  • Valkyrie (Demigod + Warrior)
  • DK78 (Armored Legion + Mage)
  • Crimson Sweetie (Blade Empire + Priest)
  • Tendo Lightning (Meta Union + Mage)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List – S

we’ve got some impressive ducks here with pretty high rankings, and they’re not far from the mighty SS-tier strengths. While they may not boast the exact same powers as those at the pinnacle of the Merge Duck 2 tier list, they sure come close and pack some serious superpowers of their own.

With these ducks on your team, you can still make it to the top and power through the gameplay with finesse. They’ve got what it takes to keep the adventure going strong, so don’t underestimate their abilities.

  • Dragonqueen (Blade Empire + Ranger)
  • Paladin (Mecha Front + Assassin)
  • Martial Emperor (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Stormbringer (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Nightmare (Mecha Front + Ranger)
  • Nightmare (Armored Legion + Warrior)
  • Onion Duck (Ultra Guild + Priest)
  • Shadow Shark (Meta Union + Warrior)
  • Infester (Meta Union + Priest)
  • Armor Ninja (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Storm (Ultra Guild + Mage)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List – A

Alright, let’s talk about these ducks we’ve got in the Merge Duck 2 tier list. They fall into the decent category, meaning they possess a middle-level of strength.

They’re neither exceptionally good nor bad – a bit of a mixed bag, you could say.In certain situations, these ducks can be quite useful and perform admirably for your team. However, it’s essential to be aware that they might not bring as much value to the overall gameplay compared to higher-ranking ducks.

  • Dark Mage (Blade Empire + Mage)
  • Pioneer (Blade Empire + Warrior)
  • Magus (Blade Empire + Priest)
  • Vampire (Meta Union + Ranger)
  • Autoduck (Armored Legion + Warrior)
  • Magic Master (Ultra Guild + Ranger)
  • Fire Captain (Armored Legion + Priest)
  • Devil Dragon (Meta Union + Mage)
  • Shura Toshi (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Ra (Demigod + Priest)
  • Chivalrous Man (Blade Empire + Warrior)
  • Blinder (Meta Union + Ranger)
  • Knife (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Berserker (Meta Union + Warrior)
  • Angel Hunter (Meta Union + Priest)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List – B

When it comes to the Merge Duck 2 tier list, Tier B ducks exhibit a moderate level of strength. While they might not be leading the pack, they do offer viable options for your gameplay. These ducks can certainly hold their own, especially during the early stages of your adventure when you don’t have access to more powerful choices.

Think of them as reliable companions that can help you get a solid start in the game. As you progress and unlock higher-tier ducks, you may find yourself favoring those with greater potential. But in the beginning, these Tier B ducks can be a valuable asset in building your team and merging your way to success.

  • VF Fighter (Armored Legion + Mage)
  • Fire Ninja (Blade Empire + Ranger)
  • Ghostface (Blade Empire + Assassin)
  • Cyborg (Armored Legion + Assassin)
  • Butterfly (Ultra Guild + Assassin)
  • Lightning (Ultra Guild + Ranger)
  • Diver (Meta Union + Assassin)
  • Abyssal Lurker (Ultra Guild + Assassin)
  • Artificial Maid (Meta Union + Assassin)

Merge Duck 2 Tier List – C

In this tier, you’ll come across the least skilled ducks in the Merge Duck 2 tier list, and truth be told, they’re not the top choice for any player. It’s best to steer clear of them since they lack the capacity to handle the gameplay at a superior level.

While it might be tempting to try out every duck, these particular ones might not bring much to the table in terms of performance. Instead, focusing on ducks with greater potential will give you a stronger edge and a more satisfying gaming experience.

  • Strike Machine (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Mad Scientist (Armored Legion + Priest)
  • Alchemist (Armored Legion + Assassin)
  • Destroyer (Armored Legion + Ranger)
  • Rider (Ultra Guild + Warrior)
  • Icefire (Ultra Guild + Mage)
  • Brave Warrior (Ultra Guild + Warrior)
  • Lord of Flame (Ultra Guild + Assassin)

How to Reroll in Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG?

First, you must reach at least stages 2-8 to perform 10 pulls. Collect all the prizes that contain Gem until you reach 2,700 Gems.

And this is how to reroll in Merge Duck 2:

  1. Open your profile page located on the top-left
  2. Press Game Initialization
  3. Enter the following numbers
  4. Press Initialize

Is it Safe to Reroll in Merge Duck 2 Idle RPG?

Yes, it is safe. Game initialization is an in-game feature that accesses for free. Remember that once you do this, your account will be reset. Meaning that you will lose all of your progress.

Merge Duck 2 Best Team

merge duck 2 tier list best team

If you want to assemble the best team Merge Duck 2, we’ve got just the guide for you! Here are some key tips to consider:

  1. Synergy is crucial: When putting together your team, think about how the different ducks’ abilities complement each other. Some ducks form a harmonious combo, while others may not mesh well. Don’t be afraid to try out various combinations to discover what works best for your playstyle. You can put the best duck on each class.
  2. Level up your ducks: As you progress through the game, you’ll earn valuable resources that can be invested in upgrading your ducks. Strengthening their stats through upgrades will make them more powerful and better equipped to face challenges.
  3. Gear matters: Don’t forget to equip your ducks with the finest equipment available. You can find equipment in the game’s shop or craft it using materials acquired from defeating enemies. Enhancing your ducks with top-notch gear can give them a significant advantage in battles.

So, take these tips to heart and craft a duck squad that can conquer any obstacle in your way. You can put some of the best ducks in the game from the Merge Duck 2 tier list above.

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