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Legend of Fighters: Duel Star Tier List (Best Fighters & Team)

Legend of Fighters Duel Star tier list is what you are looking for to find the best fighter in this game. Later in this guide, I will also tell you the how to create the best team in Legend of Fighters: Duel Star.

Legend of Fighters: Duel Star is an Idle RPG mobile game with a fighter theme. So all the characters in this game have some unique animation style based on martial arts.

The best thing you can do in the Idle RPG game genre is to recruit the best characters in the game and put them on the same team. So later, you can focus your resource on building them.

So let’s start with the main topic first.

Legend of Fighters: Duel Star Tier List




Ne Zha, Chang’e, Monroe, Nako & Limo, Venti


Yuri, Vi, Ryze, Matthew, Kijiro, Doris, Musashi, Boyana, Chen, Mai 


Zephyr, Roy, Charlie, Natalie, Vivian, Saga, Freya, Alice, Yasunori, Catherine, Wadjet


Chiba, Akira, Tig, Carole, Nash, Li, Cha, Eula, Ayya, Benzy, Gray


Feng, Faruzan, Atlas, Shu, Gen, Lei, Saya, Dusk, Shawn, Abuku

This Idle RPG game has many characters to choose from. Even though still on fully released game.

Because there are only three rarities in this game, which are SR, SSR, and SP, I will rank them all in this Legend of Fighters Duel Star tier list. Unlike SR and SSR, SP is a unique rarity system I rarely find in other RPG games. SP is the rarest fighter with only two elements now, Thunder and Infernal, and one Fire fighter.

I will start this Legend of Fighters Duel Start tier list with the most powerful first, the SS tier characters.

Tier SS

  • Ne Zha (Warrior – Fire)
  • Chang’e (Support – Infernal)
  • Monroe (Shooter – Thunder)
  • Nako & Limo (Mage – Thunder)
  • Venti (Mage – Infernal)

Tier S

  • Yuri (Warrior – Infernal)
  • Vi (Assassin – Infernal)
  • Ryze (Mage – Thunder)
  • Matthew (Warrior – Wind)
  • Kijiro (Assassin – Wind)
  • Doris (Support – Wind)
  • Musashi (Assassin – Fire)
  • Boyana (Mage – Count)
  • Chen (Warrior – Forest)
  • Mai (Support – Forest)

Tier A

  • Zephyr (Mage – Wind)
  • Roy (Warrior – Wind)
  • Charlie (Shooter – Mount)
  • Natalie (Shooter. – Wind)
  • Vivian (Support – Fire)
  • Saga (Warrior – Fire)
  • Freya (Warrior – Fire)
  • Alice (Mage – Forest)
  • Yasunori (Mage – Forest)
  • Catherine (Shooter – Fire)
  • Wadjet (Mage – Mount)

Tier B

  • Chiba (Shooter – Wind)
  • Akira (Warrior – Wind)
  • Tig (Warrior – Fire)
  • Carole (Warrior – Wind)
  • Nash (Shooter – Fire)
  • Li (Warrior – Mount)
  • Cha (Warrior – Mount)
  • Eula (Assassin – Forest)
  • Ayya (Warrior – Forest)
  • Benzy (Warrior – Forest)
  • Gray (Warrior – Forest

Tier C

  • Feng (Shooter – Wind)
  • Faruzan (Shooter – Wind)
  • Atlas (Warrior – Wind)
  • Shu (Warrior – Fire)
  • Gen (Warrior – Fire)
  • Lei (Shooter – Mount)
  • Saya (Shooter – Mount)
  • Dusk (Assassin – Forest)
  • Shawn (Shooter – Forest)
  • Abuku (Warrior – Forest)

Legend of Fighters: Duel Star Best Fighter

legend of fighters duel star tier list best fighter

Nako & Limo is the best fighter in Legends of Fighter: Duel Star. Nako & Limo is the best DPS in the game, as well as the best crowd control. Their potential on the late game is really good with their excellent scaling.

Their first skill, Thunder Zone, inflict lightning strikes up to 8 times to random enemies. In each strike, it will deal 69% attack and crowd control ability of stun for one second or paralysis for three seconds. Both of them are good.

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The same effect also goes to their second skill, Thunder Echo or Lightning Chain. When released by Nako, it will stun the enemies. And when Limo releases it, it will give a paralysis effect. This skill bounce to the enemies on the battlefield and del 150% ATK.

Legend of Fighters: Duel Star Best Team

legend of fighters duel star tier list best team

You can create your team based around Nako & Limo and create a team that focuses on the Thunder element. This is the team example you can use:

  • Mako & Limo (DPS)
  • Monroe (Single target DPS)
  • Ryze (AoE DPS)
  • Chang’e (Support)
  • Yuri (Tank warrior)

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