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Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Tier List (Best Heroes & Team)

More than 40 heroes are available in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG. There are a few heroes who can be called the best among them. To figure out who they are, I made a tier list for Kingdom Boss Hero RPG.

Unlike other RPG idle games, Kingdom Boss allows you to view a more detailed animation of the characters. Such as how they walk, express themselves, and so on.

A tier list, on the other hand, is something that cannot be separated in gacha games. Any mobile game in this genre will always feature a tier list to determine the top or recommended heroes in the game.

So, who are the characters in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG? Who are the finest heroes you should get and build as soon as possible once you get them?

Let’s get started on this Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list to find out.

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Tier List

There are three different rarities in Kingdom Boss Hero RPG. SR is the most prevalent, and it’s easy to get in the gacha menu. Meanwhile, SSSR characters are the rarest in this game. Because of their low gacha rate, pulling them is difficult.

Because this game was published a few years ago and has a large number of playable characters, I’ll just rank the SSSR heroes in my Royal Knight Tales tier list.

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list, like any other tier list on this blog, will be separated into five categories, beginning with the SS tier as the strongest and ending with the C tier as the weakest that you should avoid in the mid-game of your trip in Kingdom Boss Hero.

Tier List – SS

  • Felbog 
  • Rowan
  • Alanna 
  • Zhi
  • Rakav 

Tier List – S

  • Netis 
  • Vorzula
  • Bloodcrow 
  • Atmar
  • Galen 
  • Sunder 

Tier List – A

  • Wraith 
  • Celestine 
  • Helga 
  • Pyre
  • Cascade 
  • Durzug 
  • Whisper 
  • Cora 

Tier List – B

  • Stillfalke 
  • Domly
  • Henrir 
  • Mithriel 
  • Sable 
  • Griff 
  • Artemis 
  • Dimos 
  • Flora 
  • Scutes 

Tier List – C

  • Gregor 
  • Slyvian 
  • Pollix
  • Orin 

Kingdom Boss Hero RPG Tier List Explanation

This is the breakdown of each tier ranking in the Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list:

Tier SS: Within this captivating Idle RPG game, the characters residing in the SS tier assert themselves as the mightiest and most game-changing figures in the Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list. Their extraordinary defensive and offensive prowess will propel your gaming journey to unprecedented heights. Just a handful of these characters can drastically alter the outcome of your battles.

Tier S: Following closely behind, the S tier characters possess distinct abilities that distinguish them from the rest in the Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list. You’ll frequently encounter them during rerolls, and having them join your squad is a fortunate twist of fate. Their capabilities will significantly contribute to your victories.

Tier A: Although some characters in this tier may not appear overly impressive, they play an essential role in fortifying your squad. They complement higher-tier characters and provide valuable support until you can summon even mightier heroes. Remember, they are not weak; they simply serve a different purpose.

Tier B: Characters within this tier are considered slightly less powerful than those in higher tiers, but with a few days of gameplay, they can become quite valuable. As you become accustomed to their abilities and strengths, they will prove to be indispensable assets.

Tier C: The Tier C category harbors the least formidable characters in the Kingdom Boss Hero RPG tier list. As soon as you acquire a superior hero, it’s advisable to move on from them. Investing in these characters may not yield the desired battle prowess, so concentrate on upgrading your more potent allies instead.

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