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Idle Apocalypse New Cheat Codes to Redeem (October 2022)

Idle Apocalypse’s new cheat codes can be redeemed for some big rewards. You can get all the prizes for free in just a few simple steps because I will also tell you how to redeem all the cheat codes for Idle Apocalypse.

Even though Idle Apocalypse was released a few years ago, the community of this game is still hyped for the new codes for each month.

And soon, you will know all this game’s active new gift codes.

New Active Idle Apocalypse Cheat Codes (October 2022)

These codes are the complete list of new cheat codes for Idle Apocalypse for October 2022:

  • CHEATER – Redeem this code to claim 50 Gems
  • FINALLY – Redeem this code to claim 50 Gems
  • ENIDSUX – Redeem this code to claim 25 Gems
  • BADIDEA – Redeem this code to claim 10 Soul tokens
  • SPIDERS – Redeem this code to claim 5 Wheel tokens
  • KA-BOOM – Redeem this code to claim 3 Apocolypse Wheel Tokens
  • NORBERT – Redeem this code to claim 3 Nether Tokens
  • WX6E9E3 – Redeem this code to claim 3 Space Ore

Idle Apocalypse Expired Codes

Expired codes mean that codes can’t be used anymore.

As I said, this game was released a long time ago, meaning that this mobile game was released a lot of codes already. But, I will only put some of them.


How to Redeem Cheat Codes in Idle Apocalypse?

Follow these simple instructions to redeem all the working codes available:

  1. Open the game
  2. Tap gear icon located on the top of your screen
  3. Input the cheat code on the ENTER CODE tab
  4. The rewards will be sent to your account

How to Find New Codes for Idle Apocalypse?

All games with codes have the same thing, which is how to acquire all the codes.

One way to get the new cheat codes for your account is by visiting their official social media accounts like Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.

Like its function, social media is a way to communicate with its audience, including the new codes you are looking for.

I will also update this page once the new one is released.

What Is Idle Apocalypse?

Idle Apocalypse is a mobile idle game published by Grumpy Rhino Games. In terms of popularity, Idle Apocalypse is one of the most popular games in this clicker idle genre.

Your task in this game is to build and upgrade anything as many as possible, then give them an apocalypse.

Idle Apocalypse Game Information

  • Game Title: Idle Apocalypse
  • Genre: Idle Clicker
  • Publisher: Grumpy Rhino Games
  • Size: 50 MB
  • Platform: Android & iOS

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