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Idle Apocalypse Guides: 7 Tips & Tricks to Start

Idle Apocalypse guides, tips & tricks can help you to start your journey to apocalypse the world. These Idle Apocalypse beginner guides can be used if you are new to the game.

Idle Apocalypse is an idle game where the central theme is unique. Your main quest in this mobile game is to create an apocalypse, just like its name.

Upgrading buildings, unlocking new floors, defeating heroes, and many more are what you need to do to achieve that goal. A new player might get confused at the beginning; that’s why I’m creating these Idle Apocalypse guides, tips, and strategies.

For the beginning let’s start these guides by looking at the basic mechanic of the game first.

Idle Apocalypse Basic Mechanics

As I said, your goal in this game is to create an apocalypse and start a new world. To do so, you need a lot of upgrades and processes.

In Idle Apocalypse, you have a tower that contains many floors. Each floor has a different building with a different purpose.

You need to know that this game is basically a farming simulator. You need to collect some resources to upgrade and unlock a floor. The higher the floor, the harder and longer the upgrade requirement you need to farm.

Besides that, you will also need an extra job like clearing Heroes to collect Coin and Dark Energy. These resources are needed to upgrade your tower. You will find more things to do alongside your playtime.

Idle Apocalypse Guides, Tips and Tricks

You can follow these Idle Apocalypse guides and tips to make your process easier:

1. Every Item has a Different Way to Get

Collecting items is what you need the most to continue your progress. The more items you get, the more things you need to memorize how to get them.

Luckily, Idle Apocalypse has a useful UI to help you solve that problem. You just need to tap the pocket icon on top of your screen.

It will tell you the items you have already collected, including how to get them. You can play this game again without starting a new account in case you forget everything because you’ve been gone for too long.

2. Full the Generator

idle apocalypse guide

To increase your generator capacity, you need to tap it. The longer you tap, the higher capacity you will get. You can tap it until it reaches its limit. You will see the Max indicator in your generator.

You need a generator to boost your account. It will give different bonuses depending on the generator itself.

Generator list:

  • Generator 1: Creature Spawn Time (-4% to -20%)
  • Generator 2: Dark Energy (20% to 100%)
  • Generator 3: Producer Spawn Time: (-4% to -20%)
  • Generator 4: Creature DMG (20% to 100%)
  • Generator Super: Creature Spawn Time (-6% to -20%)

3. Collect Achievements

Collecting Achievements can grant you different rewards. But the most common one is Gem.

Besides the motivation to collect rewards, finishing achievement can also give you an Idle Apocalypse guide by telling you what you need to do in this game.

4. Redeem the Cheat Codes

Other idle game usually doesn’t have a feature to redeem a code. Why? Because idle game means to be a simple game where gaining a reward is also a simple thing to do.

But that’s not the case with Idle Apocalypse. Each month they usually release some new codes for the players so they can redeem them for free.

You can see all the codes for the Idle Apocalypse guide and tips here:

5. Don’t Pause the Building

idle apocalypse guide tips

Pausing a building or floor can benefit you, but unfortunately, it will give you more disadvantages.

Especially if you leave the game, the building that got paused will not give you anything. So making sure everything is okay before going to AFK is important.

6. Focus on Unlocking New Floor

Rather than upgrading the floor, focusing on unlocking a new one is more important. Especially if you want to unlock this game’s main feature, Apocalypse.

Many idle games have a reset feature. How they named it is what makes it different from others. But achieving it as soon as possible is what you need to do, including in Idle Apocalypse guides and tips.

7. Collect Air Ballon

Air Ballon is located on the right side of your tower. Tapping the Air Ballon can give you rare items like Diamonds, Tokens, and Boosters.

But to collect them, you need to watch a video ad, depending on whether you need it or not. But all of them are important.


You can use these Idle Apocalypse guides, tips and tricks to fasten your progress by understanding the basic of this game.

If you have anything to add or disagree about the Idle Apocalypse guides and tips, you can put your comment down below.

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