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Hero Zero Guides: 4 Tips for New Player

hero zero guides tips tricks

Hero Zero guides and tips can be used to increase your understanding of this game, especially for a new player. I will list some important tips and tricks you can use to increase your game progress.

Hero Zero is a game that tells of an ordinary citizen who turns into a hero after going through various missions and fierce battles. In this game, you will have your own character that you can upgrade, add new equipment, and more.

At the beginning of Hero Zero, you will be asked to choose your character design. Here you can change the gender, eyes, nose, mouth, and many more. After finishing designing the character, the next step is that you have to give your character a name.

And that’s where we begin these Hero Zero early game guides.

Hero Zero Guides, Tips, and Tricks:

You can follow all these guides and tips for Hero Zero if you are a new player:

1. Choose the Right Attributes

Attributes are one of the most important elements if your character wants to be the strongest and best in Hero Zero. There are 4 attributes, each of which has its own abilities. The following is a list of attributes that you can increase according to your needs.

  • Strength: Increases attack damage.
  • Stamina: Increases the number of attacks you can take. You could also say it increases HP.
  • Brain: Increases the critical hit percentage.
  • Intuition: Increases dodge percentage (avoiding enemy attacks).

Judging from the 4 attributes above, none of them has a negative effect, instead, all of them add to the positive effect of your character. My advice is just to focus on 2 or 3 attributes, don’t focus on all of them.

For me, among the four attributes above, the best is Intuition followed by Stamina. Why? Because with these two attributes we will have a very strong defence, your enemies will definitely find it difficult to kill you because you have a very large total HP, and are assisted by a very high dodge chance which allows you to avoid enemy attacks.

Oh yes, for those of you who like to play critically, I suggest you focus first on increasing your Strength, and after you feel it is high enough, then you can increase your Brain. Because it’s useless if you only rely on the critical percentage, while the critical damage that can be generated is small.

The enemies you should fight are enemies who have a small but large Brain or Intuition attribute value in you. If it’s not clear, I’ll give an example, for example, if your Brain attribute is 70, then it’s best if the enemies you fight are enemies whose Brain attribute is far below 70, because later the critical percentage you have will be much more effective. Likewise with Intuition, if your Intuition attribute is high, choose an opponent whose Intuition attribute is low.

For attribute strength and stamina, there is no increase or decrease in effectiveness if the enemy or you have a low or high number of attributes.

You can increase your attribute by buying equipment at the shop, or by training it through training.

2. Duel and Carry Out Missions

After your character is felt strong enough. The next step that you have to do is get coins and increase the level as quickly as possible. You can do it by completing missions or duels.

For those of you who like to be safe and don’t want to take risks, you can take the mission path. The prizes offered in the missions are also not exactly small, you can get dozens of coins and hundreds of XP for one mission.

And for those of you who like challenges, take the duel route. Because it’s more difficult, with duels you will also get honours that you can use to fight stronger enemies.

Before you duel, you should first look at the status and attributes of your opponent by clicking the ‘show hero’ button located at the bottom right.

3. Heroic Deeds

Apart from duels and missions, Hero Zero has another way to get coins quickly is to complete the various missions available in Heroic Deeds.

At the start of the game, the missions provided are still very easy to complete, and the prizes are also quite large at the start of the game. You can get coins, donuts, and various items.

4. Train and Go to Work

You should do these two activities when you are about to leave Hero Zero. Because if you are carrying out a mission, you will not be able to do these two activities. The results are also not very effective, let’s see, just one job takes one hour.


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