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Guardian Tales Lilith Guides: Build & Best Team

Demon Queen Lilith is the best dark character in Guardian Tales. And by reading Lilith’s guides and tips about how to build her and her best team composition, you can maximise her potential.

One thing that’s unique about Lilith is her basic attack range. She is a melee-type character, but you can hit your enemies within one meter.

Other than that, there are a lot of things you need to know about Lilith.

So besides knowing how to build Lilith with her best team, I will also tell you why you should use her once you get her. Because in this Lilith guides, tips and tricks, I will also rate Lilith’s rating in different game content.

Lilith Build

Lilith’s build will be separated into four different categories:


  1. Queen’s Grace (Ex Weapon / best weapon): If you get Lilith, make sure you also get her best weapon which is her EX. This weapon reduces damage taken, enemy DEF, and skill regen speed.
  2. Devil Claw (#2 best weapon): This weapon is rated as an Epic Claw. Even though it is not an exclusive weapon, the good thing is the bonus stats you will get is super high. One of the best.
  3. Demon Claw (#3 best weapon): This weapon can give a big Crit Chance bonus of up to 14%. It can also boost your survivability by giving you a high HP stat.


  1. Mirror Earring of Nobility (best accessory): Lilith is a damage dealer, and this accessory can boost that role to another level. Just make sure that you get Weapon Skill Regen Speed to a minimum of 10.0% if you use Lilith as a main character.
  2. Dusk Ring (#2 best accessory): Dusk Ring has a default Weapon Skill Regen Speed bonus. Meaning that you don’t need to gacha the stats anymore. Other than that, it also gives you a lot of offensive stats.
  3. Cursed Necklace (#3 best accessory): It will boost your Dark-type ATK. And if you kill an enemy, it will boost your ATK by 10%. If you prefer to use Lilith as an AI, this accessory is a good choice.


  1. Invader Mothershi Replica (best merch): Because the stat is ATK, the higher your merch’s level, the higher your bonus ATK will get. It’s just a super offensive buff for Lilith.
  2. Yuze Photocard Set (#2 best merch): Bonus 20% Dark type ATK is something to consider if you’re looking for an attack bonus. Because the rarity is rare, you can easily increase the Evolution Level.


The best card build I recommend for you in these Lilith guides and tips is by using a double ATK card. So in total, you will get a 10.0% ATK bonus.

You can also mix it with the Crit Chance bonus card. But I only recommend it if you have a character that gives you a Crit Chance bonus like Gabriel.

  • Violent Minotaur’s Card: ATK 5.0%
  • Strict Sheriff’s Card: ATK 5.0%

Lilith Review and Tier

guardian tales guides tips lilith profile
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

I already said that Lilith is the best Dark-type hero in these Guardian Tales guides. She is also the best melee-type hero in the game.

So what makes Lilith really good in this mobile game?

First of all, Lilith’s party bonus will give you a bonus Melee Damage of 50.0%. Consider you are lucky if getting this character because it can fit in many different team compositions.

Melee characters have higher defensive stats than range characters. But Lilith, have them both. She has bigger defensive stats and range attacks.

The best thing to consider when using Lilith is her ability to reduce enemies deff. And it’s not just a dark or melee only; it’s a universal deff reduction ability. So you can place her in not just dark type team composition.

Lilith also has an attack boost and party heal. You can almost do everything with Lilith on your team.

Tier Rating

  • Story: SS
  • Colosseum: A
  • Kamazon: SS
  • Orbital Lift: S
  • Arena: S
  • Raid: SS
  • Co-op: S

Lilith Best Team

guardian tales lilith guide best team
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

The number down below is the heroes’ order for Lilith’s best team composition:

  1. Lilith: Use Lilith as your main character because she can start the chain skill perfectly. Ensure you don’t get too close to enemies, especially bosses.
  2. Beth: She will be your best partner in the game since both have the same party buff and element type. Beth can be your secondary tank and damage dealer. She is a complete character, just like Lilith.
  3. Future Princess: She is one of the best tanks in Guardian Tales. Having her as the main tank with Beth beside her will grants your team high survivability. Don’t forget that Future Princess is also a good hearer.
  4. Future Knight (Cosmic Destroyer): She can be your support because of her party buff that grants Weapon Skill Regen Speed, and also a damage dealer because with Cosmic Destroyer, Future Knight can annihilate all PvE contents in the game.


Lilith can be great in PvE or PvP content in Guardian Tales. She has no problem at all with a lot of game content.

Using the best build and team can boost Lilith into truly one of the best heroes in this game.

If you have any thoughts about these Lilith guides and tips, you can put your comment down below.

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