guardian tales gacha guide may 2023

Guardian Tales Gacha Banner Guide for May 30 2023

Guardian Tales will have a new gacha Banner for last day of may on 2023. If you need a guide on what characters you need to pull, then you’re on the right place.

I will recommend you the characters based on the meta perspective. Some of them might have a higher priority because of their usefulness on many stages, and vice versa.

Take a note that this Guardian Tales Banner list is using KR or Korea server as a source of information.

Guardian Tales Banner List for May 30, 2023

  1. Cyborg Monk Chun Ryeo (Ranged / Light)
  2. Android Mk. 99 (Ranged / Light)
  3. Goddess of Wealth Eleanor (Support / Light)
  4. Archangel Gabriel (Support / Light)

Gacha Recommendations

As you can see, the four characters that soon we will see are light characters. Two served as DPS, and the rest are support.

Android Mk. 99 has a long history as the best light DPS in Guardian Tales. But now because Cyborg Monk Chun Ryeo will soon get released on global server, will she get dethroned?

The answer is not. Android Mk. 99 still has a higher DPS than Chun Ryeo. But in terms of utility, Chun Ryeo will beat Android Mk. 99 in a far gap, especially if we’re talking about debuffer.

Is up to you and your team composition, if you still lack of a great DPS, it might be better if you are pulling for Android Mk. 99.

As for Gabriel and Eleanor that competing to be the best light support in Guardian Tales, the answer is very clear that Gabriel is better.

Gabriel is not only a good as a defensive support, but her offensive support is also remarkable. That’s why Gabriel not only become the best support in light element, but also the best support overall in Guardian Tales.

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