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Guardian Tales Gabriel Guides: Build and Best Team

guardian tales gabriel guide build team

Archangel Gabriel is one of the strongest support in Guardian Tales. Knowing how to build Gabriel and pair her with the best team can greatly benefit you. In this guide and tips, I will show you Gabriel’s build.

There are many reasons why you should build Gabriel when you get her. First, even though she is a support, her damage is good. Second, she has a rare team buff, a Crit Rate increase that can help your team’s overall DPS.

So if you already have her and wondering about many things, like how to build Gabriel? What is her best team? Which accessories can suit her?

I will answer all that questions in these Guardian Tales Archangel Gabriel guides, tips, and tricks.

Gabriel Build

I will separate Gabriel’s build into four different sections:


  1. Magnificat (Ex Weapon / best weapon): You need to get this weapon if you want to see Gabriel’s maximum potential. This weapon can reduce light resistance and increase her healing ability.
  2. Guardian’s Bow (#2 best accessory) This weapon has many big stats to boost your overall survivability. Gabriel needs this weapon in case you don’t have her EX, especially because this is a light-element weapon.
  3. Brilliance Bow (#3 best accessory): It has a big HP. Gabriel can survive longer when using this weapon.


  1. Ocean Earring (best accessory): Gabriel is a great healer, even though she is not the best. But having Ocean Ring as your in-slot accessory for Gabriel can help you negate this advantage.
  2. Mirror Earring of Faith (#2 best accessory): Gabriel can be used as your support or support attacker, depending on how you build her. This accessory can allow you to see how powerful her DPS is.
  3. Caste Love Brooch (#3 best accessory): Caste Love Brooch can be a good choice if you want to build Gabriel as your main character since it gives you Weapon Skill Regen Speed.


  1. Mysterious Vending Machine Coin Bank (best merch): It gives you heals for a party when you hit an enemy. Definitely the best merch you can get for Gabriel.
  2. Eugene Bike Figure (#2 best merch): Use this merch build if you want Gabriel as a DPS since she has the potential to do it.


You can build Gabriel with double healing cards. With these cards, you will gain a total of 20% heal bonus. You can also mix it with one ATK card. But I don’t really recommend it since her best potential lies in her supporting ability.

  • Fast Runner Girl’s Card: Heal +10.0%
  • Happy Snowman’s Card: Heal +10.0%

Gabriel Review and Tier

guardian tales guides gabriel profile
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

Gabriel is a multi-function character in Guardian Tales. You can place her on many different teams with different purposes; healing, damage support, and semi-DPS.

One thing that makes her shine among the top-tier support character is that she has a light element. And top tier characters like MK.99 and Future Princess also have this element too.

Meaning the process of collecting a light element character’s evolution stones will be easier, especially for new players.

Gabriel is definitely a top-tier character with her jack of all trade ability. You can place Gabriel in many contents without any worry.

Tier Rating

  • Story: SS
  • Coliseum: SS
  • Kamazon: SS
  • Arena: A
  • Raid: S

Gabriel Best Team

guardian tales guides
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

The number below means the slot order in your team, with Kamael as your main character.

  1. Kamael: He is one of the best damage dealers in the game, even though his role is a support. Putting Kamael and Gabriel into the same team can be a great combo since both can generate a lot of HP and damage simultaneously.
  2. Future Princess: She will act as your main tank that can taunt incoming damages. With Kamael, Future Princess, and Gabriel, you will have an immortal team with unlimited healing power.
  3. MK.99: She will be your most powerful DPS on the team. With her laser weapon, MK.99 can annihilate any enemies in the game. Combined with Gabriel’s Crit Chance buff and light deff reduction, MK.99 can be even stronger.
  4. Gabriel: Put Gabriel in the last slot so you can activate your chain skill perfectly.


Putting Gabriel in the light team, plus Kamael, can help you clear all the PvE content in Guardian Tales easily, because of how her versatility.

The only moment you face a hard time using Gabriel is when the enemies’ level is far above you. She is the best support in the game after Kamael.

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