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Guardian Tales Beth Guides: Build & Best Team

Dark Magician Beth is what you need to clear most PvE content in Guardian Tales. Building the best item and knowing Beth’s best team can give you a big advantage in this mobile game.

In these Guardian Tales guides, tips, and tricks, I will show you how to build Beth correctly using the best weapon, merch, cards, and team composition.

Later, I will also show you my rating for Beth, so you know what’s good about her and when to use her in your journey of playing Guardian Tales.

Beth Build

In these Guardian Tales guides, I will separate beth’s build into four different sections:


  • Predator (EX Weapon / best weapon): If you want to put Beth in a Dark-type team, having Predator is a must. It can decrease the enemy’s dark resistance by 20%. Don’t forget that this weapon also has a very big offensive and defensive stat.
  • Lunar Eclipse Two-Handed Sword (#2 best weapon): A Dark-type sword that gives you a 10.0% Crit Chance bonus.
  • Contracted Two-Handed Sword (#3 best weapon): Once you limit break this weapon 5 times, you will get a bonus ATK for 10%. Also, you need to ensure that you get all the Sub-Option bonus stats: HP and Def.


  1. Mirror Earring of Nobility (best accessory): Nothing can beat this accessory for Beth. You need to have three important Sub-Option: HP, Def, and Skill Damage. Weapon Skill Regen Speed can be a good option if you use Beth as the main character.
  2. Sniper Goggles (#2 best accessory): It can give you a big bonus for your offensive and defensive ability. It also has a little 3% Crit Chance bonus.
  3. Black Crown Ring (#3 best accessory): If you need more defensive stat, you can use this accessory. It will be suited for Beth really well.


  1. Ice Witch T-shirts (best merch): Because Beth is a melee fighter, having increased ATK and DEF is definitely a good choice. It can also give you bonus melee damage.
  2. Yuze Photocard Set (#2 best merch): To make this merch shine for Beth, you must get the four-star first so that it can give you a Dark-type ATK of 20%.


The best card build for Beth is a mix of ATK and DEF cards.

Using only ATK or DEF cards a be a good choice since Beth needs both of them.

  • Knight Greeting Little Princess’ Card: ATK 5.0%
  • Scared Pot Man’s Card: DEF 7.0%

Beth Review and Tier

guardian tales guides tips beth profile
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

Beth’s biggest ability lies in her Special Ability, which can increase her ATK and negate incoming damage up to 60%, depending on the number of enemies within 3 tiles.

So the more you invest in her stat, the bigger the scaling you will get. Beth is one of the most powerful heroes for late-game content.

Her EX weapon is important if you want to use a Dark-type attack. One character that suits her the most is definitely Lilith. Both of them have the ability to reduce the enemy’s DEF. The good news is it can be stacked.

So killing high HP enemies in PvE game content won’t be a problem. Especially for raid content.

In Guardian Tales, Beth is still a high-tier hero since the game released her.

Tier Rating

  • Story: SS
  • Colosseum: B
  • Kamazon: SS
  • Orbital Lift: SS
  • Arena: A
  • Raid: SS
  • Co-op: S

Beth Best Team

guardian tales beth guides best team
Image via Kakao Games Corp.

You can follow the team order down below for Beth’s best team composition:

  1. Lilith: She will be your main character because her range attack has a higher survival chance.
  2. Beth: Comboing her with Lilith can be a great offensive buff for your team’s overall DPS. Beth can be a good tank the more enemies you face.
  3. Future Princess: Beth is a fighter, so you need a pure tank to receive all the incoming damages. That’s why Future Princess can be a good option since she can be a healer too.
  4. Future Knight: The main thing about Future Knight is her ability to increase your Weapon Skill Regen Speed by 50%. Spamming more skills will be much easier if you have her in your Guardian Tales team party.


Dark Magician Beth is a solid melee character, especially if you have Lilith as the sidekick. Both can deliver a stackable DEF reduction that can be a nightmare for enemies.

You won’t have any problem using a Dark-type team in Guardian Tales since late-game story content doesn’t counter the Dark element.

The only problem with Beth is when you use her in Colosseum because the AI is kinda weird and doesn’t function as it should.

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