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Earth Inc Tips: How to Spend and Get Diamonds?

Diamond is a premium currency in Earth Inc. Knowing how to spend it is a must if you want to take this mobile game seriously. That’s why I created this Earth Inc tips.

In this Earth Inc guides, I will also tell you what are the easiest ways to get more Diamonds for your miner. From the easiest one to the hardest one.

Everything I’m going to tell you doesn’t need any real currency, meaning that these Earth Inc tips are suitable for F2P gamers. The only thing you need to have is passion, and you will need a lot of it to use these Earth Inc tips and strategies.

Earth Inc Tips: How to Spend Diamonds?

Let’s start with how to spend your Diamonds so you know how expensive the premium currency of this game hoping to make you spend it wisely.

There are two ways to spend your Diamonds: chest or time wrap. Both of them has their function depending on what you need the most.

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Opening Chest

This is the gacha system of Earth Inc. Opening the chest will grant you some items like explosives, e-bux, and supervisor.

The most important item in the chest that you can get is the Legendary Supervisor. It will help you destroy any kind of rock much faster.

The main thing to consider about Legendary Supervisor is you can only get them by unlocking their cards by opening the chest. So saving your Diamonds until 2,200 Diamonds is a must.

Epic Upgrades

This one is actually very important too. It’s a like passive skill that will boost your game account in many ways like increasing overall damage, more profits, etc.

I prefer to put it as my second priority after opening a chest. No matter how much it gives you a percentages bonus, the base stats are far more important.

Time Wrap

It will buy you time depending on how much Diamonds you’ve spent. The more you spent, the more Gold you will get.

Personally, I don’t really think that this feature is important. It will be much better if you use it after you’ve already collected all the supervisors that you need.

Earth Inc Tips: How to Get More Diamonds?

Even though the price of premium items is kinda expensive, there are a lot of sources to get Diamonds in this game.

So let’s start with the first one:

Completing Achievement, Minerals, and Daily Challenges

Achievement is the easiest one for early-game players to farm Diamonds. Why? Because the longer you play the game, the harder the achievement you will face. It will take you more time just to complete 1 achievement.

Collecting minerals and daily challenges can benefit you more.

Mini Tasks from the Boss

I don’t really know what to call it. What I mean is the task that has a man with glasses in the right corner of your screen.

Completing what they’ve told you sometimes can give some Diamonds. Even though the number is smaller than the main achievement.

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