call of antia tier list

Call of Antia Tier List (Best Characters)

Welcome to the immersive world of Call of Antia, the captivating mobile gaming sensation crafted by the skilled developers at KingGroup. This extraordinary creation seamlessly fuses the elements of the classic RPG genre with the engaging match-3 gameplay mechanics. As you embark on your journey through Call of Antia, you’ll find yourself presented with countless opportunities to unlock and elevate the power of your heroic avatars.

Before you delve into the epic battles that await, you must strategically assemble your formidable team of five heroes, united in purpose to vanquish the menacing forces that threaten the realm.

Each hero in your roster possesses distinctive abilities, unique statistics, and varying degrees of devastating power, hailing from diverse and intriguing factions. The game boasts an impressive roster of over 50 playable heroes, each contributing to an expansive tapestry of team compositions that you can conjure. Discover the synergies that exist between heroes, as some combinations prove more potent than others, offering a strategic advantage that can turn the tides of battle.

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Today, we embark on an exhilarating journey through ‘Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG’ to uncover the heroes who stand head and shoulders above the rest. These exceptional characters, whom we consider the true powerhouses of the game, should unquestionably become your top priority for leveling and enhancing their abilities.

Call of Antia Tier List

To identify the cream of the crop within ‘Call of Antia,’ we will rely on an extensive dataset culled from the game itself. This invaluable data encompasses the frequency of appearance among fellow players and the win rates associated with each hero. Join us as we delve deep into the statistics and insights, discovering the heroes who reign supreme in the enchanting world of Call of Antia.

Tier SS

  • Cathbad
  • Malfort
  • Irilia

Tier S

  • Garabeth
  • Wu-Kong
  • Kharma
  • Sdeedlite
  • Wanda
  • Isadora
  • Gardor

Tier A

  • Hightowe
  • Alia
  • Agatha
  • Elmyst
  • Jane
  • Zania
  • Mary

Tier B

  • Pearl
  • Lupita
  • Reginald
  • Damon
  • Percibel
  • Rebecca
  • Zong-Hao
  • Sho-Min

Tier C

  • Fabula
  • Jacob
  • Katlyn
  • Silvia
  • Fabula
  • Harek
  • Aahoo
  • Cassandra
  • Tigroth
  • The Survivor
  • Harek
  • The Survivor

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