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Blue Archive: 8 Best Future Global Banners to Gacha

blue archive future global banner

Blue Archive has different servers, global and JP servers. Getting a reference from the JP banner for your global banner is necessary if you need powerful students.

Keep in mind that Blue Archive’s rate of chance is really high. Saving only for the best banners will allow you to pull what you want. Why? Because there is a possibility that you need to pull 200 times for the ticket.

I will list some of my best JP banners that are already out as a reference for the future global banner.

You can use them as your reference to save more gems or YOLO spending.

Blue Archive Best Upcoming Future Global Banners

I make this Blue Archive gacha guide, tips, and tricks on the Marina Banner. I only put the students below after the Marina banner on October 2022.

Aiko is the newest character on the JP banner.

This means the range of this Blue Archive banner guide and tips is only between Marina (March 2022 on the JP banner) and Aiko (October 2022 on the JP banner).

So let’s start with the first student you better pull if you need the best student in Blue Archive.

1. Iori

  • JP Banner Date: 03/16/2022 – 03/23/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: November 2022

Iori was the best student after Hibiki when this game was just released. And now, it is still hard to find her competitor, meaning that Iori is actually still the best yellow DPS in Blue Archive.

Getting Iori as your main DPS is a must, especially to clear raid content and the main story.

What makes her deadly is that her EX skill shot 3 piercing bullets. You can clear minions or even boss easily as long as you have her.

2. Iroha

  • JP Banner Date: 04/27/2022 – 05/11/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: January 2023

Iroha is not a limited character. But unfortunately, you can’t get her from normal gacha. I don’t know what to call this type of student. What I know is that she is very strong.

Iroha is the best summoner in the game. She can summon a tank to help you on the battlefield. And just like others, her EX Skill is very expensive: you need 8 energy.

If you need a great ATK buff and support, Iroha is what you need.

3. Hiyori

  • JP Date Banner: 05/24/2022 – 06/08/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: February 2023

To maximize Hiyori’s abilities, you need at least 3 Arius Squad students in your team, including Hiyori.

I know that this kind of mechanic’s kinda disappointing, but once you’ve done that. She can be your best support ever.

Hiyori has everything to increase your attacking capability: reduce enemy DEF, increase allies’ ATK, and Crit DMG to self.

4. Hoshino (Swimsuit)

  • JP Banner Date: 07/20/2022 – 07/25/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: April 2023

Hoshino (Swimsuit) is all-rounder support. Just like Hiyori.

What differentiates her from any other support students in Blue Archive is her Sub skill which can increase Cost recovery once you activate your EX skill. Even though Hoshino (Swimsuit) is very niche, this skill is very important if you use high-Cost students like Iroha.

5. Shun

  • JP Banner Date: 09/14/2022 – 09/21/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: June 2023

Shun is what you call if you want to win PvP. Shun will damage the enemy’s backline to defeat their main DPS.

Shun is also a very good student in raid mode because of how deadly her EX skill is.

6. Kokona

  • JP Banner Date: 09/21/2022 – 09/28/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: June 2023

Kokona’s banner opened after Shun’s banner ended. Meaning that you need to choose between both. Unless you are lucky enough.

Kokona can heal, just like any other support, yes. But Kokona’s Sub skill can reduce the cost of all units except her once she gets 5 stacks of Hanamaru Stamp that you can acquire by using her EX skill.

If you need a long-run student that gets better from time to time, Kokona is what you need.

7. Hibiki

  • JP Banner Date: 10/19/2022 – 10/26/2022
  • Global Banner Prediction: July 2023

Hibiki will deploy an atomic bomb to erase your enemies. In short, Hibiki is the best student to clear minions.

She is arguably the most needed student in the entire game.

8. Ako

  • JP Date: 10/19/2022 – 10/26/2022
  • Global Prediction: July 2023

Ako is the only student that can boost your Crit Rate. Even though she can only boost one student, any other game was already proven that this kind of buff is really powerful.

Not only that, Ako can increase the party’ Crit DMG and heals too. She is a complete student that you need to have.

The bad news is Ako is on the same banner time as Hibiki.


The global banner predictions might differ from the real-time, so make sure you save more Gems to pull the student you want.

It is hard to say which one that truly the best student. All of them have their own function to help your team. But for the limited ability that you really need, Ako is the answer.

If you want to see the complete JP banner schedule, you can visit this Blue Archive Wiki.

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