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Badland Review: A Lot of Beautiful Things

badland game review

What are the factors that make you feel at home playing games for a long and can even make you forget to eat, bathe, and so on? Exciting gameplay? or maybe beautiful graphics? If yes, then get ready for Badland, because you will get both in this game.

Badland is a casual game that can easily make you forget about many things, two of which I have mentioned above.

Badland Gameplay

badland game

In Badland, you will play as one or several black spherical creatures with a pair of wings.

Your task is simple, to complete each existing level, you are required to enter the portal at the end of the level.

Even though it looks easy, the obstacles that you will face in each level are definitely enough to make you say otherwise. You will find various things that make your brain work hard in your journey to finish this game.

You have to find a way out if you don’t want to feel the ferocity of chainsaws that will cut you into small pieces, large rockfalls that are sure to be more than enough to crush you, and various other gruesome ways to die.

Your adventure starts from a portal. It is from this portal that you will find various kinds of power ups that will help you through the ferocity of the forest.

You can increase or decrease the size of your body with a power up that looks like a ball with a yellow color in the middle. There’s also a light blue powerup that lets you manipulate time, so you and all the elements within your reach will run slower.

But if your big character actually makes you unable to pass through narrow roads, you can catch smaller yellow balls to reduce your body size. So for every existing power up, there will also be a power up that functions to neutralize the power up again.

How to play this game is very simple, you only need to tap or hold your finger to complete each level. But here you can’t just tap carelessly, you have to find the right timing so your character can pass through the existing obstacles, this is when your brain will work hard and your patience will be tested.

As the game progresses, you will realize that just bringing yourself is not enough to make you win Badland.

There will be a feature called “clone”, where this clone or shadow is the main ingredient for opening levels on the second, third, and so on. So if during the game you only bring yourself, then you will experience stuck at the last level of the first day, and like it or not you have to repeat the game again to bring yourself and your clones.

When you are with your clone, that means your clone will also be your character. Every tap you make will also affect all your clones. Easily, you will move several characters at once. Because they are not AI that can make their own moves without your orders.

In Badland you also have to be able to see carefully, because all the obstacles in this game are black. It’s hard enough to tell which one is just an ordinary land with a deadly trap. Mistaking the landing site, your character might explode.

The development of the level of difficulty that is presented in each level increase is very pronounced. The first time I tried Badland, I thought that Badland was an easy game, but after going through several levels, my assumptions turned 180 degrees, it turns out that Badland is not as easy as I thought.

Fortunately, Frogmind games as the developer of Badland, still want to be kind to us by providing a checkpoint system. So when your character dies, you don’t have to start over from the beginning.

Badland Graphic

badland review

Then is that the only experience found in Badland? Difficult obstacles where everything is black? No, if you read my first paragraph, I already mentioned that Badland has very beautiful graphics, of course, it would be strange if I said that dark black images are beautiful graphics.

The beautiful graphics in Badland lie in the backgrounds. That’s what I meant by “forest” in the previous sentence. Because the background in this game is all forest and added with a little touch of the lake.

Even though it’s just a forest, the forest in this game can be presented with a very beautiful appearance, especially in terms of lighting. You can see the atmosphere of the sunrise here.

You will also find a forest that is not the same, where there are only trees and lakes. You’ll find peeking black creatures, giant eggs, and more.

Badland is a very amazing game, with fun gameplay but makes you tired quickly, then the forest and the sense of satisfaction in this game will relieve your fatigue.

Is Badland a Good Game?


Yes. Badland is definitely a good game to play.

You will find a lot of enjoyment in playing this game. It’s fun, yet has a challenge on each level to make the player less bored.

  • Gameplay: 5/5
  • Graphic: 5/5
  • Score: 5/5

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