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Auto Battles Online Idle PvP Tier List

Auto battles online tier list best heroes

Auto Battles Online tier list will show you what is the best hero in Auto Battles Online Idle PvP. There are a few heroes that are considered the strongest ones, and others are useless.

Auto Battles Online is an idle RPG mobile game published by Tier 9 Game Studios.

This game has a dungeon system where you will progress as long as possible. This means you need many things to do, like upgrading your character, buying the best item, etc.

The most important thing is, of course, using the 5 best heroes as your team.

Everything will be much easier if only you can achieve that.

So let’s find the best heroes in this Auto Battles Online Idle PvP tier list.

Tier List Category

  • Tier SS: All heroes in this tier list are considered the strongest and most powerful heroes in the game. Having them on your team party can help you to clear all the game content easily, both PvE and PvP.
  • Tier S: Having them at your party is good for your progress. You can run smoothly without anything to worry about. But you can’t compare them to the SS-tier heroes.
  • Tier A: The mediocre heroes that still have a function for your team. But you can’t really depend on them unless you invest a lot. You better upgrade them first before entering a place where the enemies have a far different level.
  • Tier B: Not too good heroes. Use them only if you don’t have better heroes or you are still at the beginning of your journey in Auto Battles Online.
  • Tier C: Don’t use them.

Auto Battles Online Tier List

The table below is the complete tier list of Auto Battles Online Idle PvP. It contains the best to worst heroes in the game.

I only put the blue heroes or heroes with S rarity. The difference in power and function between them and A rarity heroes or below is far.




Hercules, Hou Yi, Nicola Tesla, Elfa, Easter Bunny


Greyworm, The Nutcracker, Lucky, Uncle Sam, Santa, Zeus, Kronos, Cupid


Buddy, Atlas, Brynhildr, Heimdall, Lupin, Remus, Ridle, Aphrodite, Bloody Mary, Helsing 


Leonidas, Artemis, Arache, Hatter, Constant


Guan Yu, Grouch, Robin Hood, Greenleaf, Chocolatier

Tier SS

  • Hercules – Warrior
  • Hou Yi – Warrior
  • Nicola Tesla – Mage
  • Elfa – Archer
  • Easter Bunny – Archer

Tier S

  • Greyworm – Warrior
  • The Nutcracker – Warrior
  • Lucky – Warrior
  • Uncle Sam – Warrior
  • Santa – Mage
  • Zeus – Mage
  • Kronos – Mage
  • Cupid – Archer

Tier A

  • Buddy – Warrior
  • Atlas – Warrior
  • Brynhildr – Warrior
  • Heimdall – Warrior
  • Lupin – Warrior
  • Remus – Mage
  • Riddle – Mage
  • Aphrodite – Mage
  • Bloody Mary – Mage
  • Helsing – Archer

Tier B

  • Leonidas – Warrior
  • Artemis – Archer
  • Arachne – Mage
  • Hatter – Mage
  • Constant – Mage

Tier C

  • Guan Yu – Warrior
  • Grouch – Warrior
  • Robin Hood – Archer
  • Greenleaf – Archer
  • Chocolatier – Mage


Ideal team is usally contain 3 Warrior, 1 Mage, and 1 Archer. Even though you have the best archers in the game, you can’t put all of them on the same team. You need to mix your team depending on synergy.

I will also update this Auto Battles Online tier list when the new hero released.

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