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Archer Forest Idle Defence Tier List Best Archers

Archer Forest Idle Defense tier list contains all archers and ranks them based on their capability. This Archer Forest tier list will also help you how to reroll in this game.

Archer Forest Idle Defence is a tower defence strategy game in a simplified version. You only need to put your best archer into one place only. After acquiring, upgrading them in many ways is the next thing you need to do.

But before investing in the wrong archer, it will be much better if you focus on the strong one.

That’s why I created this Archer Forest Idle Defence tier list. So it can help you defeat enemies and climb the stages faster.

Tier List Category

  • Tier SS: The best archer in the game. Having them on your team can multiply your team’s overall power.
  • Tier S; Great archer that can help you a lot
  • Tier A: Good character to have in case you don’t have any better character
  • Tier B: Not a good choice
  • Tier C: Better not to use them

Archer Forest Idle Defence Tier List

The table down below contains all the archers in the game. So take a look at the tier list of Archer Forest Idle Defence:




Sylphy, Hedwig


Brownie, Julian


Rafle, Taurus, Rhino, Scar, Marty, Bunny, Zelda, Spiegel, Palty, Hippo, Dexter, Tony, Hog, Genta, Brady, Wong, Murphy, Lily


Shaq, Tyger, Beef, Nereus, Lil Kong, Drake, Momo, Hound, Nelson, Kero, Tuntun, Pandori, Koruuno, Nancy, Panther


Pappitson, Dino, Gazelle, Carp, Todd, Chuchu, Rex, Zorro, Simon, Kelpie, Raccoo

Tier SS

Sylphy (5 Stars)

  • Skill: Deals 20% DMG to the current health of all enemies
  • Passive: 5.0% chance to execute enemies with HP below 20%

Hedwig (5 Stars)

  • Skill: Reduce all archer’s CD for 40%.
  • 5% chance to inflict shot with 100x DMG

Tier S

Brownie (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Increase 200% ASPD for 20s to all archers
  • Passive: 10% to skip stage

Julian (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Increases Lightning DMG by 500% for 20s
  • Passive: Increase all archers’ ASPD by 0.20

Tier A

Rafle (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Summon Meteor that inflict 500% DMG for 20s instead of Lightning bolt
  • Passive: Increases rebirth stone income by 20%

Taurus (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Increases teammate’s ATK by 200% for 20s
  • Passive: Shoots 2 arrows in a row

Rhino (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Preven All DMG 10s
  • Passive: 5% chance to evade enemies’ attack

Scar (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Decreases enemy 50% MOV SPD for 30s
  • Passive: 10% bonus damage to Boss

Marty (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Adds the archer’s arrow DMg to total lightning DMG for 10s
  • Passive: Increases all archer’s ASPD by 0.20

Bunny (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Summon falling stars and deals 80% of basic ATK for 10s
  • Passive: Increase all archers’ Crit chance by 10%

Zelda (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Pushes enemies back and inflicts 500% DMG
  • Passive: Increase the ATK of all archers by 10%

Tier B

Shaq (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Draws in enemies with whirlpool for 5s
  • Passive: 10% chance to shoot AoE arrow

Tyger (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Stun all enemies for 3s
  • Passive: Decreases monster’s HP by 3%

Beef (4 Stars)

  • Skill: Increases Gold income by 200% for 20s
  • Passive: Increases Gold income by 10s

Tier C

Nereus (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Recover Fence HP by 5
  • Passive: Recovers Fence HP by 5 for 60s

Lil Kong (3 Stars)

  • Skill: Shoots an error that causes knockback for 5s
  • Passive: During production, does not consume arrow with 3% chance

How to Reroll in Archer Forest?

Follow these simple steps to reroll your Archer Forest account:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Press the three-bar icon on the top-right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Switch Servers
  5. Select your preferred account to start your game from the beginning

Do You Need to Reroll?

No. In Archer Forest Idle Defence, getting Diamonds is super easy. You can farm them and then pull the archers easily. You can pull at least 40 summons in one day, or even more, depending on your progress.

That’s why I always prefer to continue the account and move to the next step.

I don’t see any reason why you should reroll in this game.


This is the first game where I rank only two SS-tier characters: Sylphy and Hedwig. I don’t think any other character can match their usability on this Archer Forest tier list.

Sylphy is the only character that can instantly kill enemies. While Hedwig can shoot 100x DMG, you can call it as an instant kill too.

I put a lot of 1-star characters on the A tier because of how great their passive is. In the late game, where you can place 7 archers, putting a few of them can greatly benefit your overall power.

If you have an opinion about this Archer Forest Idle Defence tier list, you can put your comment.

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