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Ant War New Gift Codes to Redeem (October 2022)

ant war new redeem gift codes

Ant War redeem codes can give many items and resources for your game account. Redeem all the gift codes for free to claim all the rewards. Later, I will tell you how to redeem the codes.

Ant War is a new strategy mobile game published by Dreamstar Network Limited. You need to build an ant colony, and by redeeming the gift codes, you will get instant rewards for free.

So let’s talk about the main topic of this content.

New Active Ant War Redeem Codes

These are the complete list of new redeem codes for Ant War:

  • VIPCD2 – Redeem the code to claim 100 Diamonds, 10k Foods (x10), 10k Stones (x10)
  • VIPCD3 – Redeem the code to claim 100 Diamond, 1-Hour Speedup (x5), 30-Min Speedup (x5)
  • ANT555 – Redeem the code to claim 50 Diamond, x50 Juice of Wisdom, x88 Common Evo Fruit
  • ANT888 – Redeem the code to claim 88 Diamond, 100k Food (x2), 100k Stone (x2), 30-Min Speedup (x2)
  • ANT666 – Redeem the code to claim 88 Juice of Wisdom, 50 Common Evo Fruit, 10-Min Speedup (x5)

Ant War Expired Codes

Because this mobile game is just newly released. There is no expired code at the moment. All the codes available are still redeemable.

How to Redeem Codes in Ant War?

You can redeem all the gift codes in Ant War by following these easy steps:

  1. Launch the mobile game
  2. Open your profile page on the top-left side
  3. Press settings on bottom-right
  4. Tap redeem code
  5. Enter the code, then press exchange button

How to Find New Gift Code in Ant War?

You can find all the new upcoming codes by visiting the mobile game’s official accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

When the developer and publisher create a new one and decide to publish it, their social media account is what they gonna use.

Until that happens, you just need to wait and play the game like you used to.

What is Ant War?

Ant War is a base builder mobile game. This genre was booming a few years ago, but Ant War has something different with its ant colony system.

You can build your base by placing the building, wall, and more according to your preference. Then you can attack other bases and raid their resources.

Ant War Game Information

  • Game Title: Ant War
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: Dreamstar Network Limited
  • Game Size: 1 GB
  • Platform: Android

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