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GameHiko is a place where you can get some guides, tips, and strategies for your favorite mobile game, both on iOS and Android. The guides that we will write start from the beginner guide to a specific one, like how to find an item or maybe how to get an achievement.

We don’t have a specific genre of mobile games. We will cover all kinds of games that are available on the market. But usually, gamers like RPG or gacha games the most. So we will answer that by focusing on that genre.

We will try our best to deliver the best and most complex guide for any games that we’ve already played. When we’re going to update our content, it depends on the difficulty and the popularity of the game itself.

For contents like redeem codes, we will update those contents by sharing the new ones with you because redeem codes have an expiration date. Any active game generally has some new codes every month.

GameHiko is not affiliated with the games that are covered on this site. Any kind of game material that we’ve mentioned here, such as images, soundtracks, and logos, belongs to the particular developers and publishers of the game.